Why You Should Get A Facial

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CHARLOTTE – Why You Should Get a Facial

Getting a facial is a blissful experience.  It is similar to the feeling you have when you receive a massage because all of your cares seem to float away during the experience.

Skin issues are addressed during a facial, but it also promotes a general sense of well-being.

There is something about having another person giving you their undivided attention for an hour that makes you feel so wonderful!  And, having graceful hands massaging your head, neck and décolleté is heavenly.

A facial can help people with acne issues, hyperpigmentation (brown spots), fine lines, rosacea, and more.  It can also help to destress and truly when you feel less stressed and relaxed, it shows on your face!

The season of gift-giving is approaching.  This year, instead of giving yourself or your loved ones another trinket to gather dust, why not give them the gift of rejuvenation instead?

Give me a call to find out more.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by to read this article and I hope your week is great!

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