Human Touch For Wellbeing

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MINT HILL, NC – The benefits of facial massage during a skin care treatment may be just the ticket if you want bright, glowing skin and an overall sense of well-being, but did you know that a little human touch goes a long way in making us feel good?  The skin is an intelligent organ that, by feeling human touch, releases a state ohappiness and well-being, provided that this is a positive contact.

Touch can convey a range of emotions – reassurance, empathy, comfort, love, compassion and sadness. And we can identify different emotions through touch as effectively as we do via facial cues.

It’s a sense that makes us feel connected physically and emotionally and boosts our well-being. Research shows it can benefit our overall health too.

I have a friend who is a chiropractor, and during the lockdown of 2020, he said that he took on a ton of new clients.  He told me that most of them didn’t have any significant issues; they just craved something that many had to do without for months.  Human Touch.

If you would like to know more about high-touch facial treatments and facial massage, email me at

Lindy Sellers is a licensed esthetician and offers facials, enzyme & chemical peels and make-up applications in Locust.  To make an appointment, please visit and click book appt.

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Lindy Sellers
Lindy Sellers is a licensed Esthetician, Wife & Mother and believes that human touch is vital to our lives. When she is not helping others to look and feel their best, she enjoys watercolor, remodeling her vintage home, and preparing Sunday dinner for her family.