Dry Skin Rescue

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MINT HILL, NC – When it comes to skin health, hydration is one of those questions that we all seem to be searching for, especially as the temperatures turn cooler and our skin gets drier.

If you have dry skin, keeping it hydrated can be tough. After all, it’s never as simple as layering on moisturizer. Skin hydration relies on several other factors, too, such as your body’s hydration levels and the consistency of the air around you.

Dry skin can be an aggravating skin condition leading to itchiness, irritation, redness and skin cracks. While you may think that skin dryness is caused by a lack of moisture, it’s caused by a lack of moisture retention.

Here are five tips to keep your skin hydrated this winter season.

1.  Drink plenty of water.

2. Use a humidifier in your bedroom.

3.  Avoid overly hot showers.

4. Use a hydrating serum or humectant (such as hyaluronic acid) before applying moisturizers.

5. Avoid alcohol.

If you have any questions or need help with your dry skin issues, give me a call.  I would love to help.  (704) 877-5227.

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