Why Wealth Building Is Like Weight Training

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MINT HILL, NC – How many of you reading this workout?  Ok…me neither.  That was supposed to be funny!  This week I read a great article by Dunham Trust and it compared building wealth to weight training.  Keep reading for a couple of clever analogies.

Diet and exercise:  Getting into shape isn’t just working out at the gym. It’s doing cardio, eating well and getting enough sleep too. When building wealth you might not be allocating time, but you are allocating assets. Fixed income and cash reserves complement stocks like diet and cardio complement weight training.

I don’t need you:  Once you’ve achieved some success at the gym you might say, “I don’t need a trainer anymore. I don’t even need to go to the gym.” You slip backwards and get out of shape. When building wealth you might say: “I don’t need an advisor anymore. I’m ahead so I don’t need to save anymore, either.” You lose ground. You don’t act, but you react to events.

It’s okay to ask for help no matter what you are trying to achieve.  At Fulcrum, we are always here to guide you in the right direction even if your situation isn’t the best in your eyes.

Let us help you find your clarity of purpose! 

Information contained in this article was released by Dunham Trust and Investment Services for use by your local Cambridge Investment Research Financial Advisor.

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