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MINT HILL, NC – Do you often worry about having enough money to last throughout retirement?  Most people don’t have “any idea” when asked how much they need to save for retirement to maintain their current lifestyle.  That’s where Fulcrum is here to help.

I know we’ve discussed this in the past, but it is a very important concept…develop a financial plan.  We believe the first step in finding your financial independence is by analyzing cash flow.  The word “budget” can be very intimidating for some individuals.  I encourage you to think of it more as a lifestyle.  Don’t try to balance your cash flow like you are on a crash diet.  Think about when you go on a diet and you try to cut out fries, but the moment you get tired of this diet, you run straight back to your old habits.  Budgeting needs to be more of a way of life.  To prepare for the future start by asking yourselves these questions:  How much income will I have in retirement; How much will I need to spend; and Is there an income gap or surplus?      

We are here to help you plan for your future.  All you have to do take the first step and reach out.

Let us help you find your clarity of purpose! 

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