Compelling Wealth Management Conversations – Part 2

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MINT HILL, NC – Last week’s article centered around “sound investing.”  This week we will continue the conversation with a third concept – the principle of courage.  You may be thinking…we are talking about our emotions again?  Why yes, yes we are.  Courage is incredibly important when it comes to financial planning.  It involves the acceptance of fear and understanding that there will be ups and downs along the way.

Part of being courageous when it comes to your own finances means having the ability to remain realistic.  Every generation faces its share of challenges with our most recent one being a global pandemic.  We all experience different seasons in life and so does the economy for that matter.  Here are two investing principles to always remember:  #1 volatility does not equal a financial loss unless you sell and #2 forget about the price, focus on income.

At Fulcrum we truly believe that income carries a lot of weight when investing for the future.  At the end of the day we should be focused on how we can achieve that magic income number that we want at retirement.  We take a different approach than most when it comes to achieving your financial independence.  To learn more just reach out!

Let us help you find your clarity of purpose!

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