Compelling Wealth Management Conversations – Part 1

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MINT HILL, NC – What does “sound investing” mean to you?  Our single greatest challenge is not managing our assets, but managing our emotions.  It’s perceptions and misperceptions, fears and phobias, exacerbated by a 24-hour news cycle predicated on the crisis of the moment, that often stands in the way of long-term financial success.  Let’s discuss two very important concepts.

Consistency:  Investor behavior has a great impact on investment results.  In the past you may have found yourself persuaded to make an investment move based solely upon your best friend’s opinion or the news channel you always watch.  However, the herd is often wrong.  No one has a crystal ball, yet often people act as though they do.  Stay consistent.

Balance:  The Greek philosopher, Epicurus, said the following, “Be moderate in order to taste the joys of life in abundance.”  Asset classes move in and out of favor so try not to get caught up in timing the hottest trend.

Philosophy and psychology are important when it comes to money and investing.  We don’t call ourselves experts at Fulcrum when it comes to psychology, but we do stay up to date on the market and our economy and what factors go into decisions being made.

Let us help you find your clarity of purpose! 

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