Goals-Based Investing – Placing You Back In The Driver’s Seat

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MINT HILL, NC – With this article I want to focus on how important the planning process is to us at Fulcrum Wealth Advisors.  If you don’t plan properly how are you going to continue to keep moving forward?

Traditionally, investors have looked to advisors for guidance, but that guidance has often been focused on the investment options available and their performance relative to various market indices or benchmarks. While performance is obviously important, the starting point of the conversation was typically the markets, not your needs. SEI gives the following metaphor:

It’s a little like going to the car dealer and driving home with a brand-new sports car. The looks and performance may be great, but if you really needed passenger room, you’re not going to be happy with that choice. Simply put, the car you choose needs to be designed for the job you want it to do.  This compares perfectly to really taking a look at the reasons you are planning for your future not just looking at performance alone.

We are here to help you with each step of the planning process and happy to do a deep dive into your life to discover what is best for you.

Let us help you find your clarity of purpose!

This article was written by SEI for use by your local Cambridge Investment Research Financial Advisor.

To discuss further, please contact me at (704) 817-4480 Option 2, or by email at mmiller@fulcrumwealth.com.

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