Financial Planning Fundamentals

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MINT HILL, NC – Last week’s article was about goal-based planning.  This week I want to continue the conversation about financial planning and how fundamentally important it is to us at Fulcrum.  Let’s continue our discussion from the previous article where we used the car metaphor.

I’ll ask you a question…would you ever buy a car without test-driving it or looking at the interior?  Most of us would answer no.  We would want to see how the car drives and if the interior is suitable with what we need.  This is like financial planning.  We believe it’s best to go through the entire planning process and look at the whole picture, rather than just deciding based upon one factor that is most attractive to us.  Our planning process will shed light on every aspect of your financial life.  Just like when you are purchasing a car, look at the Carfax report not just how shiny and new it is!

Throughout the upcoming weeks, my articles will touch on different areas of planning.  Next week we will focus on Cash Flow.  As you are reading these articles are encourage you to look at your own financial situation and reach out if you aren’t so confident on the path you are on.

Let us help you find your clarity of purpose!

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