Stanfield discusses Land Use Plan

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During the July Board of Commissioners meeting, Kay Barbee and Marion Kinley each spoke during public comment regarding the Land Use Plan for the Town of Stanfield.

The plan was originally created in 2006 and is in need of updating and revision. Barbee and Kinley each spoke about the need for the Land Use Plan to be tied into the town zoning ordinance.

Town Administrator Bridgette Helms agreed that the Land Use Plan has never been joined with the zoning ordinance and said the Zoning Board has discussed the issue but has not yet had time to take on the project. She said the project should be done in steps, first reviewing the Land Use Plan and then updating the zoning ordinance. A committee will need to be formed to review and update the Land Use Plan.

Mayor Kevin Barbee said the issue would first be taken to the Planning and Zoning Board to ask for their recommendation of how best to proceed.

More information regarding the Land Use Plan project and committee will be discussed at the next board meeting on Thursday, August 3.

In other matters:

  • During public comment, Betsy Garmon thanked the mayor and board members for their honesty and integrity during last month’s meeting. She said other representatives who spoke during the meeting were not clear.
  • Police Chief Corie Faggart reported that the fifth full time police officer position has been filled by Steven Davenport.
  • Commissioner Larry Sides said the town is looking into solutions for a water runoff problem near the school.
  • Commissioner Rick Williams commended Officer McDaniel for his work as the zoning enforcement officer.
  • The board approved the audit contract for the 2016-2017 fiscal year.
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