Children Live by What They Learn

10-year-old Meredith Finch operates her own lemonade stand to provide items for foster care children and their families.

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Kara Finch truly lives what she teaches!  As Program Head for the Human Services department at Stanly Community College (SCC), her mission is to provide students with the necessary skills they need in counseling those needing social, community and educational services.

This knowledge and experience became essential when Kara and her family decided to become foster parents back in June of this year.  Through a challenging yet rewarding journey, the Finch’s are now caring for three foster children – ages, 4, 2 and 5-months old.  Kara and her husband Creig also have a 10-year-old daughter named Meredith, who has become a wonderful older sister in this sudden and expanded family.

“We went from a family of 3 to a family of 6 in just two weeks,” commented Kara.  

After seeing firsthand that many children come into foster care with very little or nothing at all, Meredith decided to do something about it.   Her idea was to provide items for the Backpack Ministry at Agape of NC, the agency working with the family.  In order to raise money to buy these items, she decided to open her own lemonade stand and operate it where she lives in Stanfield, NC.

Listening to her mom’s advice to first research this proposed business venture, Meredith contacted Alicia Herrin, Director of the SCC Small Business Center, to ask about the necessary permits and the many tips and tricks of entrepreneurship in setting up her lemonade stand.

Meredith was already aware of the Small Business Center services because she had participated in the youth summer camps held at the College.  She attended the Nail Camp learning manicuring techniques and the Agribusiness/Entrepreneurship Camp that featured agriculture and skills on how to start your own business.

The process began as Meredith made a drawing of what she wanted the lemonade stand to look like. She also drafted a list of supplies and the costs needed for the project.  Her family assisted in building and painting the stand to get it ready for business.  Meredith designed a flyer to hand out, marketing her new business. Now remember, this is the idea and endeavor of a 10-year-old girl with a big heart, an exciting dream and lots of compassion.

The lemonade stand opened on September 2, 2017 and Meredith made $311.77 in addition to donations both monetary and items for the backpacks.  She will continue to operate her stand until the weather gets too cold.

This story proves that there is no age limit on pursuing a business dream all while helping others in need. Meredith is already using many of the human service and business skills that most students learn much later in their educational and career journey.

Meredith’s mother Kara is not only a Human Services Instructor and Program Head at the College, but also teaches courses in Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention. The Human Services club participates in many fundraisers for the Pregnancy Resource Center and other community agencies.

SCC offers an associate degree and a diploma in Human Services Technology.  There are also certificates available specializing in Substance Abuse and Developmental Disabilities. For more information, please call 704-991-0123 or visit

The Small Business Center offers counseling, seminars and workshops in the development of new businesses and the growth of existing businesses. For more information, please call 704-991-0182 or visit

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