SCC Brings Business Classes to Waddell and Niven Centers

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Stanly Community College (SCC), working in collaboration with the City of Albemarle Parks and Recreation Department, announced a new initiative to bring SCC business classes to the EE Waddell and Jesse F. Niven Community Centers.

SCC is an “Achieving the Dream” college that believes access to a high-quality education in an inclusive environment is the right of all individuals.  Additionally, our mission is to improve student access, success, progress, and completion.

According to Marcus Pryor, Associate Dean of Students and Career Placement at SCC, “We have received feedback from the community surrounding the Waddell Center indicating that inadequate transportation to SCC’s Albemarle campus has been a major roadblock to potential students. We believe that bringing classes to potential students can alleviate that obstacle.” The Civil Rights Project at Harvard notes that the “lack of access to transportation affects access to higher education. Many people of color, for financial and other reasons, attend local community colleges, often requiring that they find transportation other than walking.”  

SCC plans to provide laptops two mornings per week at the Waddell Center for students to access classes.  Additionally, academic assistance will be provided to help students complete courses. The assistance will include content experts, instructors, and SCC staff to assist students.   

The goal is to start classes by February 2018. SCC and Albemarle Parks Recreation staff, as well as City Councilman, Dexter Townsend, plan to address the local community Thursday, November 16. The program will begin at 6 pm at the EE Waddell Center.  For additional information, contact Marcus Pryor at 704-991-0278.

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