German Pretzels with Spicy Mustard and Beer

German Pretzels are best served warm with spicy mustard!!

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CHARLOTTE – Oktoberfest starts September 18th and runs through October 3rd – during this time there are so many pretzels consumed (no one really knows how many- due to the…beer), that it has become a customary snack during the festival. This recipe is easy to make, and fun to assemble with the Kiddos..  So put on your lederhosen, Alpine hat and apron- or if you prefer, don your dirndl–knee-length dress and clogs and let’s make some German Pretzels!  Either way- put on an apron… Yah- Its Good!

German Pretzels with Spicy Mustard and Beer! (Yield- 8 Pretzels)

Prep Time: 45 Minutes | On the Table: 3-4 hours

 Pretzel Ingredients:

4 cups Bread Flour

1 cup water

½ cup milk

1 ¼ teaspoon Dry Active Yeast

2 teaspoon Sea Salt

¼ stick of Butter

Large Wide Pot with 12 cups water and ½ cup Baking Soda

Pretzel Salt or Sea Salt

Wire Rack and Baking Stone


For the easiest part of this recipes- buy the German Beer of your choice and a small bottle of Whole Grain Mustard or German Mustard- I recommend Inglehoffer Stone Ground Mustard or Lowensenf Extra Hot Mustard.   Combine the water, butter and milk and microwave for 20 seconds.  In a stand mixer, place the warmed milk mixer and yeast in the bowl and agitate with the dough hook attachment.  Let stand for 10 minutes.  Next add the flour and salt.  Mix on low speed for 3 minutes- then mix on medium-high for 4 minutes.  The dough should pull away from the bowl and be slightly tough- you should be able to open hand slap it and it will make a “Whop!” sound…  NOW– remove from the bowl and form into an even round shape and Cut into 8 even wedges.  Round each wedge into a small ball and cover the lot with a kitchen towel for 10 minutes.  LETS ROLL each ball of dough into an 18-24“ long rope- to make the pretzel, form into a U shape, cross over the ends over each other twice to form the twist, then bring the ends to the bottom of the U and press the tips onto it. Place the pretzels on 2 parchment-lined sheet pans and let rise uncovered in a warm place for 30 minutes. Refrigerate the pretzels uncovered for 2 hours. NEXT– bring the water and baking soda mix to a boil and pre-heat your oven to 400 with a Baker’s stone if possible.  Now that the water is boiling, turn to medium and CAREFULLY with a large slotted spoon, dip the pretzel (1 at a time) into the simmering water.  Remove and place on wire rack to drain, then transfer back onto the parchment-lined pan.  Repeat this process for all of the pretzels quickly.  Sprinkle with Pretzel Salt or Sea Salt and slide into the oven for 15-18 minutes.

Enjoy with your choice of beverage and some spicy mustard! Share meals together, Food is Life, Food is Love!  Chef Glenn is a corporate chef based in Waxhaw- please send any feedback to

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Chef Glenn
Glenn started his culinary career at the tender age of 14 in Baltimore, Maryland and was nourished by his Grandmothers love of cooking. Glenn trained at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company and Graduated with honors at Baltimore International Culinary College. Glenn's thirst for use of local and indigenous foods go back to his early years being raised near the Chesapeake Bay Region of Maryland. Throughout history, Food is a part of life, celebrations, fellowship and community and even in one's passing. Food is LIFE! Food is LOVE!