Leaving A Digital Legacy

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CHARLOTTE – Have you ever heard of leaving a digital legacy?  Some of you reading this may be scratching your head.  Estate planning in today’s time includes protecting your digital assets…passing down your memories, important data, and experiences.  I was first introduced to this concept from Kathy Solka, owner of Photos2stories here in Charlotte.

Every year we are advancing in technology.  When I think about the legacy I want to leave, it includes passing along pictures to my loved ones.  Having these photos organized in one place is key, instead of having them all over the place in filing cabinets or photo albums.  The same goes for important digital data like passwords that loved ones may need.

Leaving a digital legacy also includes contact management and contact set-up.  These are things most of us don’t think about during the estate planning process.  It’s important to set-up an emergency contact who will have access to all of our personal information when we pass away.  That designated person needs to be able to quickly gain access to your information.

These are just a couple of things to think about when you are going through the estate planning process.  If you are interested in learning more please let me know.

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