Why Mulch/What to Use

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Even though all varieties of mulch, whether hardwood bark, pine bark, cedar, cypress and even pine straw produce much of the same benefits, retaining moisture for plants, impeding weed growth and protecting root systems from extreme weather, different mulches also provide their own unique benefits:

  • Shredded Hardwood Bark is made up of many fibers that help lock the mulch together preventing washouts on slopes whether single, double or triple shredded. Hardwood Bark, as part of the decomposition process, ultimately breaks down into a good soil amendment over time.
  • Pine Bark mulch and Pine Straw is the preferred mulch when growing many popular Southern acid-loving plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons and many vegetables and fruits such as blueberries, sweet potatoes, peppers, and radishes. But Pine Bark does not lock together and steep slopes and areas that may pool up during hard rains should be avoided. It also has a tendency to break down faster than some of the other mulches.
  • Cypress Mulch and Cypress Playground Chips as well as Cedar Mulch are extremely decay-resistant and are insect deterrents especially Cedar with its aroma people love but bugs hate.
  • And last but not least, Red, Brown and Black Designer Dyed Mulches are all decorative and consistent in color. The dyes that are used are completely safe and non-toxic to people and pets. Avoid areas that receive daylong sunlight and non-stop heat which can cause rapid fading of the dye.

Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscapes Product has been serving the Charlotte Region and surrounding areas for fourteen years. They carry a large variety of mulch products, garden blend soils, pine and wheat straw, decorative stones and gravels as well as Techo-Bloc patio pavers and wall block. They also deliver maintaining a fleet of lightweight and heavy-duty trucks.

For more information call 704-888-1822, their website is www.metrolinamulch.com and you can also find them on Facebook. They are located at 3975 Hwy 24-27 East, Midland, NC 28107, 8 miles east of I-485 on Albemarle Road.

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