Wesley Mancini Ltd Of Mint Hill Celebrates 40 Years Of Epic Artistry

The Bakhara design by Wesley Mancini is on display at a Hancock and Moore showroom at Furniture Market.

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MINT HILL, NC – Wesley Mancini is an internationally renowned textile fabric designer and owner of Wesley Mancini Ltd. His studio, located in Mint Hill, has recently celebrated 40 successful years of uncompromised artistic brilliance. Despite the drastic changes that the American textile industry has undergone in recent decades (closing factories and outsourcing work overseas), Wesley Mancini Ltd has managed to remain steadfast, designing over 20,000 stunning fabrics for upholstery, bedding, and draperies.

Wesley Mancini received the Inaugural Pinnacle Award for fabric design from the International Society Of Furniture Designers in 2021.
Wesley Mancini received the Inaugural Pinnacle Award for fabric design from the International Society Of Furniture Designers in 2021.

Wesley Mancini and his Vice President Ed Rihacek have been working together since the early years of Wesley Mancini Ltd. The two met at the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art in graduate school, where Mr. Mancini studied upholstery fabric weaving. Mr. Rihacek has been responsible for all of the studio’s art and has been integral to the company’s success.

Wesley Mancini Ltd designs fabrics for America’s primary decorative fabric mill, Valdese Weavers, in Valdese, NC. Mr. Mancini has employed designers worldwide, including individuals from China, Russia, Japan, Lebanon, Peru, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and several Americans from New York City. These artists are at the pinnacle of their careers and contribute creative virtuosity to the designs created by Wesley Mancini Ltd.

Mr. Mancini’s work is well-known, but you may own something in one of his designs and not even know it. This is because, unfortunately, some major manufacturing companies put their names on his work. Interior Magazine of London called Mr. Mancini “America’s best kept secret” due to this situation. If you want to purchase items created by Wesley Mancini Ltd in his proper name, you can turn to companies like Calico Corners and J.F. Fabrics of Canada.

Mr. Mancini takes great pride in being a member of the Mint Hill community and a resident of Mecklenburg County. He was one of the first to create and fund the Wesley Mancini Foundation, which helps spotlight LGBTQ+ community designers and artists. Mancini is a leader in the art industry, sitting on three museum boards in Charlotte, including the Mint Museum and the Bechtler Museum of Modern Arts. He has won numerous awards, including the National Endowment For The Arts Grant (the only fabric designer ever to win the award), The Grand Trillium Award in Canada, The HomeTex Award from New York City, and The Dupont Creative Leadership Award, which was created for Mr. Mancini when he was recommended to be considered for the Future Leadership Award for people under 40. The committee decided Mancini was already a leader, and thus he is the sole recipient of the Dupont Creative Leadership Award. In addition, he has achieved the Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Textile Alliance, The Honors Award from the ASC, and the Inaugural International Society of Furniture Designers Award for Fabric Design.

Wesley Mancini has no plans of slowing down. His new endeavor, designing for Eastern Accents, a Chicago-based luxury manufacturer of bedding, pillows, and draperies, will feature a high-end upholstery brand under his name. While the manufacturing will take place in Turkey, Mancini hopes that more fabric mills like Valdese will return to the States. When American fabric mills were in their prime, there were many more color options (outside of the U.S., companies typically work with only three colors), and service was impeccable (no long waits for shipping).  Wesley Mancini Ltd values its long-time relationship with North Carolina’s Valdese Weavers. He is proud to be the only designer affiliated with the mill running its own division with fresh new fabric styles created by Mancini himself.

Wesley Mancini’s fabric and upholstery designs have also been featured in several popular movies, including favorites like Pretty Woman, Austin Powers, Jumanji, and Lemony Snicket’s A Year Of Unfortunate Events. His fabrics have also appeared with celebrities in magazines such as People with Nelson Mandela and Vanity Fair with Michelle Pfeiffer. In addition, his work is featured in the music video “Thrift Store” by Macklemore. Wesley Mancini’s designs have also adorned the tables at White House events with President Obama and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the inaugural dinner for President Trump.

Wesley Mancini Ltd is proud to be a part of the vibrant Mint Hill community. Mr. Mancini plans to continue to be an arts leader for the greater Charlotte area and a mentor for new artists to come as a board member for three of the four top textile schools in the country.

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