Welcome The New Season With Spring Cleaning

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MINT HILL, NC – As the days stretch longer and warmer, it feels almost like a biological imperative to clean house.  Spring cleaning – a thorough and comprehensive cleaning of one’s home – is an ancient tradition with roots in diverse cultural and religious practices, such as Persian and Chinese New Years, Jewish Passover and Christian Lent.  

Spring cleaning is generally more thorough and involved than your regular cleaning routine.
Spring cleaning is generally more thorough and involved than your regular cleaning routine.

Thanks in part to the industrial revolution, which brought people to smaller homes in more urban areas, and the rise of advertising and consumer culture in the 20th century, spring cleaning today is a secular tradition.  It’s about welcoming a new season and a new beginning, but it’s also a practical response to the very real dirt and dust that can accumulate when we’re closed indoors during the winter months.

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to get your home in order and improve your living space, and you should tailor the tasks you perform to your specific needs and preferences.  Generally, however, spring cleaning involves a more thorough and comprehensive list of tasks than your regular cleaning routine.

David Houck, Home Clean Heroes
David Houck, Home Clean Heroes

David Houck, owner of Home Clean Heroes, suggests that you make cleaning your ceiling fans part of your spring cleaning routine.  “Typically, you’re going to start using them more [this time of year],” explains Houck.  “If they haven’t been used all winter, you may not see the dust up there, but you will when you turn them on!”

Spring cleaning is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be a bore.  “The first thing I always tell people is to have fun with it!” says Houck.  “Put on music.  Don’t make it a drudgery.”

If you’re skeptical that cleaning can be fun, Home Clean Heroes is here to help.  A residential home cleaning company that can handle one-time cleans, recurring cleans, and move-in or move-out cleans, they customize every clean to meet the client’s needs.

Give Home Clean Heroes a call today at (704) 818-4330 or visit them online at https://homecleanheroes.com/southcharlotte/ to get a free in-home estimate and take advantage of 50% off an initial clean with recurring service!

With temperatures warming up daily, it’s almost time to turn on the AC – and that might mean having your HVAC checked or serviced.  If the unseasonably warm temperatures we saw this February already had you switching your HVAC unit to “cool,” don’t fret.  

“I recommend two-time a year maintenance,” says Caleb Hudson of Charlotte Heating and Air, “but it doesn’t necessarily have to be right at the beginning of the heating or air conditioning season.  Of course, if you turn it on and notice a weird noise, or it’s not keeping up, then you need to have someone come check that out.”

Charlotte Heating and Air, a Mint Hill-based heating and air company that’s been servicing the greater Charlotte area since 2009, is just the place to call if you flip on the AC and realize you might need a little help, and that’s because Charlotte Heating and Air prioritizes its customers over the bottom line.  “Honesty, good prices, good service,” says Hudson.  “That’s pretty much our business model!  We just try to do right by people, and the rest follows.”

As you’re completing your spring cleaning, Hudson also encourages homeowners to take a moment to change their air filters, an often-neglected task that should be completed every three months to optimize the air quality in your home.

To schedule your biannual service or diagnose a problem with your HVAC unit, call Charlotte Heating and Air today at (704) 330-3177 or schedule online at https://charlotteheatingair.com/

The GB Electrical Team
The GB Electrical Team

While it’s not something we “clean” in the traditional sense, your electrical system is another part of your home that you’ll want to give a little TLC while you’re completing your spring cleaning.  One thing Greg Bartholomy from GB Electrical Services recommends that you test as you’re cleaning is your GFI receptacles. 

Commonly installed in areas where moisture is present – like kitchens and bathrooms – GFI outlets are designed to protect people from electrical shock.  “There’s a button you push on the outlet that should trip the breaker,” explains Bartholomy.  “Hit the test button, see that they trip; then hit the rest button, and see that they go back on.  If you push those buttons and nothing happens, you definitely want to call us!”  If you’re gearing up to open an outdoor swimming pool – especially one with underwater lights – it’s particular important to test your GFI protection.

Spring is also a great time to check your smoke detectors and replace units or batteries if necessary.  “People don’t realize the technology of these things has changed so much,” says Bartholomy.  “As of the late 80s, smoke detectors are actually hardwired.  Whether yours are hardwired or battery-operated, we can replace them.  We can also help you make the best choice about what type of detector to install.”

Whether you need help choosing a new smoke detector or diagnosing an electrical problem, Bartholomy and his drug-tested and background-checked grew are here to help.  “If the lights go out at your home, we will get those lights back on for you,” assures Bartholomy.  “We have dedicated people to answer the phone.  You’ll always be able to get ahold of someone even if it’s in the middle of the night.”  To take advantage of GB Electrical’s $69 whole-home safety check, call (980) 500-2378 or visit https://getthebestelectric.com/

Anna Granger, 1st Choice Properties
Anna Granger, 1st Choice Properties

According to US News and World Report, “Spring is the undisputed champion of seasons for selling a home.”  What does that have to do with spring cleaning?  Well, according to Anna Granger, Owner and Broker-in-Charge at 1st Choice Properties, “The hard work that is done before the house goes on the market will pay off when the house is getting showings and offering.”

That hard work includes a thorough cleaning of the house’s interior, including walls, blinds, ceilings, baseboards, windows, ceiling fans, AC vents, the fireplace, the front door, carpets and blinds.  You’ll also want to think about replacing things that are aged or damaged, such as light bulbs, door knobs, blinds, and light switch covers.

If you’re planning to list soon, now is a great time to start decluttering and depersonalizing, packing up, selling or donating knick knacks, books and excess furniture.   “One room at a time,” encourages Linda Hill, Owner of Move Pack Clean.  “Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Start by getting rid of things you no longer want or use.  Once you’ve seen success with that, perhaps you can wipe down the dust and get that room clean.”

If the thought of tackling even one room at a time sounds overwhelming, Move Pack Clean can help.  A full service moving company that offers a variety of relocation services, Move Pack Clean can help you with everything from staging to packing to organizing.  “We move locally and long distance,” says Hill.  “We offer packing and unpacking services – we can help get those boxes emptied and in the right places and help with debris as well.  We can get your home staged for you or do a move-in or move-out clean.  Our service is a la carte, so we can do as much or as little as our clients need.”

If you’re ready to get your home on the market, contact 1st Choice Properties at  (980) 272-6300 or visit https://www.1stchoicepropertiesinc.com/.  And if you need a little help getting ready, with the actual move, or getting settled once you’re there, call Move Pack Clean at (704) 907-1777 or visit https://movepackclean.com/.  “We’re heartfelt, we’re service-driven, and we’re proud to be veteran- and woman-owned,” says Hill.

Joseph Kirchner, AllState
Joseph Kirchner, AllState

Spring cleaning is a way to care for one of your biggest investments.  To protect that investment, Allstate Agent Joseph Kirchner says that spring is the perfect time to revisit your insurance coverage.  “You should always revisit your policies at least twice a year,” he advises.  “Things always change – markets change, the economy changes, and your life changes.”  Revisiting your coverage is especially relevant if you’ve renovated your home or made large purchases, like a new vehicle.

Although they’re new to Mint Hill (you’ll find Kirchner’s Allstate office in Mint Hill Business Center near the Chamber of Commerce), he and his wife boast a combined 25 years experience in the insurance industry.  It’s that experience plus personalized service that sets Kirchner’s agency apart.  “Lots of insurance companies don’t have a brick and mortar anymore,” he says.  “You call an 800 number, and you’re lucky if you get the same person twice on the phone.  We build rapport.  We’re going to remember your name.”

Kirchner's office is located in Mint Hill Busines Center
Kirchner’s office is located in Mint Hill Busines Center

Call (980) 875-9385 or visit https://agents.allstate.com/joseph-kirchner-mint-hill-nc.html for a no-obligation quote today, or stop in and see them at 7900 Matthews Mint Hill Road.  “We’re always there for anyone to stop in and see us or give us a call,” says Kirchner.

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