The Town Of Mint Hill Joyously Spreads Holiday Cheer

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MINT HILL, NC – On December 3, the town of Mint Hill kicked off the Christmas holiday season with its annual Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony. The very first Christmas Parade was commenced in 2019, which was a notable success for the town thereafter. This holiday event remains the perfect excuse for Mint Hill locals to leave the house. It’s the number one way to spend more quality time with loved ones while enjoying festivities within the community.

The town closed Highway 51 to Matthews Mint- Hill Road from hours between 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm to ease needless traffic during the event. The well-versed locals who have been in attendance since the first Christmas parade know that it is no secret to arrive well before 4:30 pm. The advice given is to arrive early to avoid the rush in search of the perfect spot to view the floats. Before the event began, both sides of the street were packed with people sitting in chairs while others found themselves crowded into the neighborhood restaurant to dine before the parade.

Also in attendance were a variety of local food vendors invited to participate in the event. First-time attendee, B Cook, served tasty chicken and burgers as the owner’s mother, Sandra Anderson, greeted customers with a smile. Anderson stated, “We are so grateful to have the opportunity to serve the Town of Mint Hill.”  Typically, B Cook works closely with Pour 64, visiting Mint Hill twice a month to feed the hungry locals as they enjoy delicious brews.

The night was also made special with the first-time attendee merchandise vendor Flippin Vintage Outdoor. They offered laser lights, holiday light-up toys, and bubble makers for the local children to enjoy. Flippin Vintage Outdoor has been excited to do the event after attending Mint Hill Madness over the past summer months. One of the owners, Dee Lear, is a retired first-grade teacher, who knew she wanted to be a part of this event as well because the children loved them so much at the last local event. Children and adults alike purchased festive light-up trinkets to sport throughout the evening, which became an added joy.

During the parade, the Mint Hill locals celebrated the holiday traditions while the floats drove by as they were on looking, singing, dancing, and spreading Christmas cheer. The floats were visible from both sides of the street, showcasing elaborate holiday décor from organizations such as Atrium Health, CMS schools, church groups, and local businesses. The parade route began promptly at 5:30 pm at Bain Elementary and ended at the Mint Hill Library. There were 75 registered parade participants and well over 1700 people enjoying the festivities with their loved ones.

Hats off to the volunteers for overseeing the parade route and ensuring safety rules while monitoring the streets. They jubilantly tossed loads of candy to the excited children while wearing Christmas costumes. The night was filled with well-put-together entertainment for the whole family.

Dee Lear (Left )

After the parade, the Mint Hill Town Hall featured the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  The tree stands at sixteen feet tall and weighs over 500 lbs. The tree was found directly in front of the basin of the fountain, as families crowded around. The event began with community being led into prayer and Christmas songs as the tree was promptly lit roughly around 7:00 pm. It was a joyous time with happy children laughing and singing as they lined up to see Santa. This event was an awesome start to the month of December.

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