Team of Volunteers Bring The Moving Wall to Mint Hill

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The Moving Wall will be in Mint Hill at Veterans Park Oct. 10 to 14, thanks to a committed group of Veteran volunteers along with the Town of Mint Hill.

For months, members from the Town and a volunteer committee of Veterans have been meeting and planning for all aspects involved with bringing the wall to Mint Hill.

Mike Stubbs, who served in Vietnam and is currently the commander of the Military Order of the Purple Combat Wounded Veterans Chapter 634, was severely wounded before his tour was over and feels he was one of the lucky ones. Not only did he survive an attack that claimed 64 lives, but he also was flown straight into a military base hospital and didn’t have to travel through the regular airports.

“The Wall just brings out so much,” he said. “Emotions that so many of us have kept inside, they will come out, seeing it in Washington D.C. was humbling, I’m grateful to the Town of Mint Hill for bringing the Moving Wall here.”

He added how much it means to him to have Veterans serving on the committee who weren’t even old enough to remember Vietnam.

“What I’m proud of in this committee is there are Veterans on it who were not even here during Vietnam and they are working hard on it, and even getting the schools involved,” Stubbs said. “I’m so glad they getting involved so they can see this and they can know what it’s about and understand the importance.”

Lt. Col. Jeffery Jenkins, the JROTC instructor for Independence High School serves on the Moving Wall committee.

“I want to be on this committee because my dad was in Vietnam and I feel history repeats itself,” Jenkins said. “We need to make sure we don’t forget the service and sacrifice of our Veterans, our kids have grown up in a post Sept. 11 world and are used to seeing us treat our Veterans like the heroes they are. We do that now because we learned our lesson with our Vietnam Veterans and we don’t want to forget that.”

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