Smart Diehl Academy Is The Next Big Deal In Educational Services For Children

The AcaSmarties, Smart Diehl Academy's children's acapella singing group!

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MINT HILL, NC – Smart Diehl Academy, an exceptional instructive tutoring service with classes beginning April 17, is the brainchild of former professional Educator and Instructional Coach Jayme Diehl. Mrs. Diehl’s extensive experience in both elementary education and individualized instruction led her to establish Smart Diehl Academy with the promise of providing engaging and inspiring individualized tutoring based on a practical curriculum she designed for her students. Smart Diehl Academy aims to be a community of learners, with individual and group instruction that breaks the mold of the traditional school experience with appealing activities, songs, and games to make learning fun!

Students find instructors to be friendly and engaging at Smart Diehl Academy!

At Smart Diehl Academy, education is their passion! They aim to meet learners where they are while giving them the instructive support they need to achieve and excel in several core academic areas. The certified instructors and educators at Smart Diehl Academy use a proven four-step process to determine the needs and ideal instructional approaches for each child. These include assessing the learner, constructing an individualized plan, personalizing instruction to meet each child’s needs, and monitoring the process while maintaining constant communication about each learner’s progress with parents.

Smart Diehl Academy offers private one-to-one tutoring, private in-home tutoring, and group tutoring sessions, depending on your child’s needs. In addition to after-school instruction, Smart Diehl Academy offers homeschool classes and enrichment programs to help children excel in all areas of study, as well as extracurricular activities like yoga and music. Their homeschool instruction provides expansion concerning your child’s core curriculum studies along with any supplemental curriculum needs. These services are offered for children from preschool through grade 9. Smart Diehl Academy is also an NCSEAA-approved provider with an ESA program and is a disabilities grant service provider for tutoring in math, science, social studies, and literacy.

Students can expect thoroughly exciting and engaging tutoring sessions which begin with an essential warm-up geared toward your child’s learning focal point, exceptional instruction focusing on their area of need, instructor-supervised independent practice, and a wrap up where the instructor takes notes on your child’s progress to create recommendations for the next tutoring session.

Jayme Diehl is extremely excited to become part of the charismatic Mint Hill community and hopes that Smart Diehl Academy adds to the “friendly and vibrant society of Mint Hill, which has so much to offer its residents.” Mrs. Diehl was immediately taken in by the small-town charm of Mint Hill, which has such an appealing variety of small businesses that add culture and charisma to the delightful city. As an avid musician and singer, Mrs. Diehl hopes to bring her talents in service to the city of Mint Hill and is the instructor of a children’s acapella group, The AcaSmarties, which she hopes will become a popular staple in the Mint Hill community.

Smart Diehl Academy is hiring certified teachers and instructors for after-school hours, Saturdays, and some daytime positions for homeschool teaching. Rates start at $25 per hour and increase depending on certifications and experience. If you want to apply for a position at Smart Diehl Academy, please visit their website or call (704) 709-0501.

Smart Diehl Academy will be holding Open Houses April 4th-6th and 11th-13th from 1 pm-6 pm (view website for more details). Smart Diehl Academy is located at 7201 Lebanon Road, Suite B, in Mint Hill. Their website is, and their phone number is (704) 709-0501. In addition, you can keep updated on new offerings and exciting classes by following them on social media via Facebook at Smart Diehl Academy Mint Hill or Instagram @smartdiehl.

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