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Photos by Tim Beldner

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CHARLOTTE – The founders of Mint Hill Wealth had two goals when they launched: first, to simplify their client’s finances and secondly to be proactive in creating wealth.  After a combined 30+ years in the financial services industry, the partners were keenly aware most financial service firms look to manage what their clients have created on their own as opposed to helping them proactively create wealth.  Practically speaking, this means their accredited investor clients have access to private companies and industries that are known to innovate and add value.  For instance, Mint Hill Wealth’s clients have access to dozens of privately held companies that invest in renewable energy, direct real estate deals, opportunity zones, direct lending to small businesses, oil and natural gas partnerships, and a number of other private equity and alternative investment options. 

“It certainly sets us apart from what a lot of our competition is able to offer,” says Co-Founder and CEP Tim Beldner.  “Our philosophy is that clients who are accredited investors should have 10 – 30% of their portfolio in tangible assets, privately held companies, private equity, or alternative assets.  As the son of a small business owner, I’m aware that a good way to create wealth can be among privately-held, well-run companies.  We want our clients to have access to that marketplace in order to help them create wealth for generations to come.  We are fortunate to have a great RIA and Broker-Dealer partner in Ausdal Financial Partners, and they have been instrumental in assisting us and ensuring we stay fully compliant in this space.”

Tim Beldner and family dressed in red
Photos by Tim Beldner

Working with our community to create and develop financial freedom right here in Mint Hill, NC, is no other than Tim Beldner. Mr. Beldner is a Partner and CEO at Mint Hill Wealth Management, but he is so much more than that. He is a husband, daddy, son, brother, and a man of great faith. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Tim gets his drive from his father, Dennis. Mr. Dennis Beldner has owned and operated many businesses throughout his career, and growing up around that gave Tim the confidence that he needed to find success in the business world.

The business world is not Tim’s only passion; his family and faith are both a large part of his life. Happily married for 13 years, Tim and his wife Meagan have four daughters that range from ages 5 to 11 years old. The girls love calling their father a “Dodo” in the most loving way. A “Dodo” is a Dad Of Daughters Only, and Tim proudly wears this name as each of his daughters, Aliya (11), Aubrey (9), Alessa (7), and Ayla (5) mean the world to him. Tim and Meagan have created an “A-Team” that is led by not only their love for each other but their love for God and the community. Together the couple teaches 3rd grade Sunday school at their local church and love giving back to the community through the love of God.  When asked for a favorite quote, Tim quickly responded with, “You steward a great trust.  Be found faithful.” 

Tim and daughters hiking
Photos by Tim Beldner

Tim was born in St, Louis, Missouri, and graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2005.  After graduating college Tim spent nearly a year and a half working alongside missionary Halle and Kathy August in Nicaragua.  He had plans to stay in Nicaragua until he met his beautiful wife, Meagan, on a return trip to the states.  As Tim likes to remember fondly, he did not believe in love at first sight until he laid eyes on Meagan! 

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