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Franchise Owners Carol and Steven Apa of Showhomes North Charlotte.

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Showhomes, a nationally franchised company officially opened in Charlotte on January 2, 2018.  The franchise owners Carol and Steven Apa are expecting to make a significant impact in the Charlotte area real estate market to help both local realtors and homeowners sell more properties.  The company offers a unique system of transforming high-end vacant houses into fully furnished, inviting, valued Showhomes properties.  The company is currently serving communities in 18 states and has nearly 60 offices nationwide.  The firm is virtually a one-stop-shop for home staging, home redesign, “One-Day Makeovers” for currently occupied homes, including the proprietary “Home Manager” program which the company markets as a proven model to sell upscale vacant homes to sell faster in the marketplace.  Showhomes has assisted over 25,000 homeowners and their realtors to sell residential properties worth more than $8.5 billion since its inception.

The company that began in 1986 offers a complete turn-key suite of services.  They accomplish their clients objectives by providing whole-house furnishing, staging and design enhancements and live-in Home Managers who keep the property clean in show-to-sell condition. The concept is to create an environment in the property that pushes emotional buttons and often results in list-price sales in a faster period of time for the homeowners.

Carol Apa in her office.

Showhomes North Charlotte will offer it’s customers a broader range of services to the residential seller and the local real estate community.  They will be a company who is community focused offering traditional home staging as their flagship service.  However, the owners will offer sellers home makeovers for occupied properties going on the market, and interior design services for occupied homes to enhance the homes value.  Also, they will offer the Home Manager program which is growing in popularity among selected unoccupied properties as a viable option for certain homeowners.

What clearly differentiates this company from others in the industry is the Home Manager program.  A Showhomes Home Manager is an individual or family with beautifully decorated home furnishings living in a vacant property for sale.  Showhomes will carefully select and train each Home Manager based on a system developed through two decades of real world experience which includes Home Manager’s being fully vetted.

The Home Manager benefits the homeowner by caring for the home and reducing the homeowner’s carrying costs.  This would include utilities, gas, water, and the ability to take advantage of a national insurance program while providing additional security against vandalism.  Having the Home Manager assists in the marketing effort by getting the property ready for showings adding life and overall appeal their belongings contribute as the property is show ready.  The home looks and feels lived in giving it more life and appeal when compared to vacant homes that may appear sterile, lacking warmth and not having a lived in emotional feeling.  Based on experience properties with live-in Home Managers typically out-perform vacant homes by a large margin.

For more information and details interested homeowners and realtors please contact Carol or Steven Apa at 980-258-0612, e-mail, or go online to, or

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