Set Apart Barbershop Celebrates 60 Years

Customers enjoy the Grand Opening of Set Apart Barbershop on Saturday, the 27th.

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The Set Apart Barbershop, located in Stanfield, has celebrated 60 years of service.  In addition to commemorating 60 years, the shop has recently reopened with a new name and a new owner.

In 1958, the barbershop was built and opened by Jack Longe.

Later, in 1962, George Smith began working in the barber shop, and later owned it.  Smith was employed at the barbershop until 2014, when he passed.

Saturday, October 27th, was the Grand Opening of the Set Apart Barbershop.  The new name, new owner, Steve Griffon, and the achievement of 60 years are all calls for celebration.

Many businesses took part in the function, donating food for the event.  Sassy Cakes Bakery provided mustache cookies. Wayside Restaurant supplied the coffee.  Hot dogs were donated by Wild Dog Hot Dogs.

Additionally, the barbershop held numerous raffles for free luxury shaves, haircuts, combs, and other prizes.

Set Apart Barbershop’s new owner, Steve Griffon, explains that the new name comes from the Bible, in which, we have been set apart by God, and that Christ is in all of us.

Griffon referred to Titus 2:11 – 14, which further demonstrates and defines the salvation that comes from being set apart.  Griffon stated, “It is a guiding principle for the way I do business.”

Not only does the name, “Set Apart”, affirm that we have been set apart by God, but that the barber shop, itself, has been set apart by its longevity and unfailing service to its customers.

Set Apart Barbershop is open from 8 to 6, Tuesdays through Saturdays or call (704) 438-1371 to make an appointment.

Congratulations to the Set Apart Barbershop for 60 years!

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