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CHARLOTTE, NC (August 23, 2021) – Scott Clark Auto Group (SCAG)- Charlotte’s premier dealer group and one of the biggest local automotive dealers in the region – has partnered with Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Union County Schools to launch its trade internship program. The Scott Clark Accelerator for Leadership and Education (SCALE) internship program will focus on educating students from all backgrounds on the automotive industry and will accept applicants for automotive technician and social media marketing opportunities. Applicants may be in high school, high school graduates or pursuing post-secondary education.

“The dealership environment is shifting along with so many other industries in our current environment,” said Chris Cady, General Manager, Scott Clark Auto Group. “One of the major considerations in recruitment and management development today is to ensure that our workforce is representative of our community at all levels. The creation of our internship program is all about meeting people where they are and prospering together while investing in the next generation.”

The creation of the internship program comes at a pivotal time when COVID-19 has exposed more young adults to trade education.

“The leadership of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ Career and Technical Education Program appreciates Scott Clark Auto Group’s commitment to educating students about the automotive industry,” said Alyssa English, Lead Career Development Coordinator of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. “From the initial meeting, the team’s passion was evident as they leaned in to collaborate with us on providing the best internship experience for our students. We are pleased to have the partnership.”

Rooted in the company’s belief in people – its employees, its customers, and the community, the program is designed to help interns by developing real-world skills in one of the fastest-growing industries. Particularly in the automotive segment, automotive technicians and social media marketing are key to the inner workings of dealerships.

“The internship I did at Scott Clark through Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools helped me further my passion for the automotive industry while also allowing me to get my foot in the door,” said Owen Howard, a former intern and Eastern Mecklenburg High School student. “In addition to spending time in the marketing department, I got to shadow some of the best in the shop and learn service side of the business. It left me a step ahead of others as I pursue my career as a technician career.”

Scott Clark Auto also offers entry-level opportunities for full- or part-time work for interns that are 18 years of age and are in good standing. To apply, students must be enrolled in an approved automotive class or course and receive instructor permission. Interns will receive school credit.

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