Premier Martial Arts: Building Confidence For Life

Jeremy Kempka (center) owner of Premier Martial Arts and Mint Hill Gymnastics.

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MINT HILL, NC – Like many of us, Jeremy Kempka was an awkward kid growing up in the 80s. So he joined a martial arts school to develop strength, balance, coordination and focus, self-discipline, confidence, and leadership skills. That premise still holds true today with his new martial arts school of self-defense, Premier Martial Arts. Premier Martial Arts uses intentional, highly organized physical activity and positive solutions to help students develop physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Student demonstrating breaking boards for Premier Martial Arts of Mint Hill.

Mr. Kempka, an eighth-degree black belt (out of 9 degrees), opened his first studio, the Academy of Martial Arts, in 1996 to teach self-defense to children. He sold the school in 2015 to a student and friend and soon after opened Premier Martial Arts in Mint Hill. As the 37th highest-ranking black belt in the US, Kempka aims to bring his passion for martial arts to everybody, regardless of age, body type, or physical fitness level. “Martial Arts is for everyone,” Mr. Kempka remarked, “we accept all and judge none.”

Premier Martial Arts aims to build skills in students by focusing on the breakdown and repetition of different martial arts sequences coupled with positive reinforcement and encouragement, building strength, balance, coordination, confidence, and focus. As a result, many parents have reported that their children, some of whom have attention difficulties, have become calmer, more confident, and less impulsive, even outside the studio at school and at home. While Mr. Kempka considers those all essential points, his main goal is to provide his students with a safe environment where they feel comfortable trying new things and feel encouraged to do their best and have fun in a family-style atmosphere.

Jeremy Kempka’s long and distinguished career includes training in various styles of martial arts while serving in the United States Army and being featured on the front cover of the October 1994 issue of U.S. News and World Reports.  He trained with Gen. Choi Hong Hi, the founder of Taekwon-Do, and is ITF (International Taekwon-Do Federation) certified. He has a long history of having students compete internationally, the most recent being in 2018 when he coached two students that went on to compete in Inzell, Germany. Kempka has competed in numerous tournaments, winning gold medals in Patterns, Sparring, and Power Testing for the USA trials as a fourth-degree blackbelt.

In addition to Premier Martial Arts, Mr. Kempka also owns Mint Hill Gymnastics in the same location. The renowned gymnastics program currently has 64 gymnasts and is run by Rebecca Muller, who has fifteen years of teaching experience and is AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) certified. She teaches her students the fundamentals of gymnastics, floor routines, and the balance beam.

Mr. Kempka has partnered with local Charlotte Mecklenburg, private, and charter schools since 1995 to teach students self-defense lessons and courses to reduce bullying in schools. Other partnerships include “Kicks-For-Kindness” and “Fun Run,” which help provide at-risk students with necessary resources and supplies. In addition, Premier Martial Arts will also offer two summer camp programs—one on Martial Arts and Self Defense and one on Gymnastics.  Both run from June 12 through August 26.

Jeremy Kempka, his wife Alena, and his children would like to thank the community of Mint Hill for their unwavering support of Premier Martial Arts and Mint Hill Gymnastics. The community is welcome to try two free private lessons to help determine if Premier Martial Arts is the right choice for them. For more information and to contact Premier Martial Arts, please visit their website at or call (98) 298-6318. Premier Martial Arts and Mint Hill Gymnastics are located at 7102 Brighton Park Drive, suite 520, in Mint Hill. In addition, you can follow their journey on social media via Facebook at “Premier Martial Arts Mint Hill” and on Instagram @premiermartialartsminthill.

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