Pour 64 growler shop and tap room Opens in Mint Hill

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On Thursday, July 27, Pour 64 opened it’s doors to Mint Hill.

Pour 64 is the new place to go in Mint Hill for beer. The growler shop and tap room located in downtown Mint Hill across from Town Hall offers a wide range of craft beers including IPAs, blondes, browns, amber ales, lagers, pilsners, sours, saisans, porters, stouts, Begians, barley-wines, scottish ales, wheat and rye ales and fruit or spiced beers.

Pour 64 offers an impressive rotating selection of craft beers.

“No style is off limits!” says owner Tony Brock. “We have 40 taps of rotating deliciousness. If something isn’t available now, it most likely will be at some point.”

Brock wasn’t always interested in craft beer. In fact, when he moved to Mint Hill in 2006, he was of the mindset that beer tasted pretty gross. “I wasn’t very aware of the craft beer market, and I certainly never thought it would be something I’d become interested in,” said Brock, who shied away from bitter-tasting IPAs and stuck to the likes of Sam Adams.

As Brock learned more about beer and began rethinking his opinions, the craft beer industry also began to take off. Brock and buddy Justin Engel began toying with the idea of getting involved. Their first idea for getting involved with the craft beer movement was a craft beer blog called “Pour 16,” 16 alluding to the number of ounces in a standard pint of beer.

But Brock longed to do more. “I felt that if I didn’t do something soon, I was going to miss out on an opportunity to be a part of this movement that I was truly starting to care about,” he said. He started home brewing with neighbor Jim Fabian with the pipe dream of starting a brewery, but the local market for breweries was already becoming fairly saturated.

At this point in time, Brock was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that left him hospitalized for a few weeks. “This was a pretty drastic event in our lives, and it ended up rocking our world pretty significantly,” said Brock. “A silver lining from this though was that we ended up with enough money for Sarah, my wife and business partner, and I to consider starting a business.”

It was Sarah’s idea to open a growler shop, a place in Mint Hill where people could drop in and fill up their 64-oz growlers with hard-to-find beers to take home and enjoy. As Brock watched the success of the craft beer industry grow in Charlotte and even nearby Matthews, Brock began to think that he could fill a need for craft beer drinkers in the Mint Hill area. The idea of a growler shop quickly morphed into a full-blown tap room. “I live in Mint Hill and love living here,” said Brock. “In all honesty, I was building Pour 64 as the local spot I’d want to frequent.”

“Pour 64” is a reference to the 64-oz size of a growler.

The locals agree. Pour 64 was packed on Thursday night with Mint Hill residents eager to try out the new place. Everyone I spoke to at Thursday’s opening was impressed with Pour 64’s selection and was excited to come back. Many people enjoyed dinner from the Fire Grill Food Truck parked outside Vintner’s Hill with their beer.

Pour 64’s concept is simple: pints, growlers and flights. Although they may add some ciders and meads in the future, Pour 64 plans to stick to beer. Instead of expanding into food and wine, Brock hopes his patrons will take advantage of other local businesses. “We will not be serving any wine, as we feel that would be stepping on Vintner’s Hill territory too much,” says Brock. “People can feel free to bring in food from the outside, and I hope they do. We have a lot of delicious options for food in Mint Hill, and if we can support some of the local restaurants and even Mint Hill’s growing food truck fare, we are all for it.”

Pour 64’s singular focus on providing a variety of high quality craft beer makes it stand out from other beer-serving establishments in the area. Unlike a brewery like Barking Duck, Pour 64 doesn’t brew its own beer, so it’s not limited by a particular brewery’s selection. Unlike a standard bar, they don’t serve mixed drinks or other liquor of any kind. “Our ambiance is intended to be relaxed and comfortable,” says Brock, “where the people of Mint Hill can enjoy a part of the craft beer scene without having to drive anywhere.”

For those who can’t decide on just one beer, Pour 64 offers flights of four beers for between $8.00 and $12.00.

“It has been an exciting and stressful journey thus far,” says Brock of opening Pour 64. “Just getting this business up and running has been a pretty big ordeal for us. We’ve never opened a business before.” He’s taking things slowly right now, but eventually Brock hopes to create an information program to educate people about the virtues of craft beer, to bring people like he once was along on the journey he’s found so personally rewarding.

Pour 64 is open 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm Monday, 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm Thursdays through Saturdays. Look for Sunday hours during football season. Make sure you follow Pour 64 on Facebook to keep up with their hours, events and offerings!

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