Pharmacies Delivering Prescriptions

Pharmacies understand the importance of social distancing while providing essentials.

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Public safety is high on the priority list.  Pharmacies, both chain and independent, have stepped up to accommodate for social distancing:

Pharmacy Delivery Store Hours Pharmacy Hours Senior Shopping Contact
CVS Free (essential items purchased must be $35+) Mon-Fri:  8am-9pm

Sat:  8am-7pm

Sun:  8am-7pm

Mon-Fri:  8am-9pm

Drive-thru:  24-hour stores, 9 pm-9 am

N/A 704-708-5701 (Mint Hill)
Walgreens Free Mon-Fri:  9am-9pm

Sat & Sun:  9am-9pm

Drive-thru:  24/7

Drive-thru: 24 hours Tuesdays: 8 am-9 am 704-545-2970 (Lawyers Rd, Mint Hill)
Publix Instacart Mon-Fri:  8am-8pm Mon-Fri:  9am-9pm

Sat:  9am-7pm

Sun:  11am-6pm

Mon-Fri:  7am-8am 704-573-0239 (Mint Hill Commons)
Mint Hill Pharmacy Curbside (inform store what you need and the description of your vehicle upon arrival) Mon-Fri:  9am-6pm


Mon-Fri:  9am-6pm


N/A 704-910-2718
Harris Teeter ExpressLane Online Shopping Mon-Fri:  7am-8pm

Sat:  9am-6pm

Sun:  11am-6pm

Mon-Fri:  9am-8pm

Sat:  9am-6pm

Sun:  11am-6pm

Mondays & Thursdays:  6am-8am

$4.95 fee waived and $5 delivery fee (normally $10)

704-545-3281 (Brighton Park Dr, Mint Hill)

At CVS, disinfectant wipe stations are available to wipe down carts and baskets.  Floor postings serve as reminders for social distancing.  Employees will be wearing CDC-approved gloves and masks.  There are also fewer signatures required on PIN pads during checkouts.

To remain safe in drive-thrus, it is good practice to wear a pair of gloves when receiving your order.  But be mindful to not touch your face with a gloved hand.  If making a payment, try not to use cash.  Aside from card transactions as a suitable alternative, virtual payment (ApplePay) is an even better idea to cut down on physical interaction.  If you have to sign for something, use your own pen.

CVS stores are also set to donate $5 million worth of seasonal supplies in a bid to offer ways of human connection in spite of quarantine.  These supplies can include spring-themed cards and treats and can be added to a pick-up order.

Download the Rx Local app to manage your medication, order refills, view contact options, and set medication reminders.

Find the nearest CVS store in and around the Mint Hill area here.

The CDC has recommended “people at higher risk for COVID-19 complications to stay at home as much as possible.”  To lessen risk, stores are designating hours for seniors and other vulnerable customers.  Click here for a complete list of these special hours.

To stay informed during the outbreak, North Carolina’s COVID-19 hotline is 866-462-3821.

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