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Photos by Jen Stevenson

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CHARLOTTE – When life has a calling, it just has a calling. A calling for a passion, a project, or serving others usually is the driving force, but sometimes the pieces just fall into place. That is the amazing story for Jen Stevenson the owner of Jen Stevenson Payroll, LLC. Jen is a local business owner serving the community with payroll services for companies of just one employee to companies that employ hundreds of individuals. “Jen Stevenson Payroll LLC is your personal, full-service payroll provider” working right here from our local town.

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Photos by Jen Stevenson

Mrs. Stevenson’s story of how she started her business is nothing short of amazing. One just might think it is one of the most coincidental starts that they have ever heard. Years ago Jen was working in a sewing factory in a large city in  Virginia. When NAFTA was enacted, the factory was closed down permanently, and the employees were given two options. Option one was to return to the workforce at another establishment or get a college education. Jen loved the idea of returning to college and set forth on her mission. Her college career drove her in the direction of website development and e-commerce management. When she graduated, industries were just not developing in that area as the theory was still quite new to the world.

Graduation came and went. Jen applied and applied to positions, but was not finding a place that could utilize her skills. Then one day she got a call from a company that could use her to answer phones. Jen, being the amazing opportunist that she is thought, “why not?” Answering the phones put Jen’s super skills to work, and she aced the assignment. Before long she was working her way right up the corporate ladder. That’s when she found her true calling; the pieces fell into place, and Jen found herself working in the payroll department. It was at that point she knew she found her career. Her skills with working the numbers and learning the industry came so naturally to her. After a few different roles, Jen decided to make a move to another company. She started working for a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that did payroll for over 150 companies. After six years with that company, Jen decided to take a break from the corporate world to have her third child.

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Photos by Jen Stevenson
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Photos by Jen Stevenson

After the birth of her child, Jen was home and settling into raising her children, but she knew she wanted to return to the payroll industry, but just was not just sure what that would look like for her. Another piece of the puzzle works its way in: one afternoon her husband and herself had a couple of hours to themselves and decided on a complete whim to go to a networking event. During the course of the event, she met several companies and individuals. One gentleman at the event who owned a CPA firm spoke with her about providing payroll services for his clients. They exchanged information as she did with many that day. Jen never thought she would get a call from him, but this is when the most amazing pieces came together. After the event, Jen’s dog got out of the yard, and she received a call from a gentleman just a few houses down about her dog at his house. Jen went down to his house to bring her dog home, and sure enough, that neighbor a few houses down was the CPA from the networking event that wanted her to do payroll. Stories like this just don’t happen every day. What are the chances of not only her getting a call from him, but him being right there in her neighborhood? It seemed like the payroll universe was calling her and from picking up her dog to starting her own payroll company, the pieces had all fallen right into place.

Jen Stevenson Payroll is a full-service payroll company that supports businesses of all sizes. She is a member of the American Payroll Association, Union County Chamber of Commerce, and Waxhaw Business Association. These networking connections demonstrate not only her dedication to the industry but her passion for making sure her clients are provided with the best service. 

Photos by Jen Stevenson

Her clients and their testimonials speak true to her knowledge and love of payroll.

“Jen has been absolutely amazing!” said Nik Hall from VitaFive. “She has saved us over $8k in taxes we were overpaying using QuickBooks. She is on top of all new employee paperwork and makes sure everything is filed on time. My favorite thing with Jen is how quick to respond she is! She is ALWAYS on it and has made payroll the easiest thing for us! 10000% choose Jen. “

“Thank you Jen for making my life easy and allowing me to sleep better at night by taking one more thing off my plate and ensuring it is done faster and better than I could do it myself. You are an easy 5 star!” said Pete from GrassRoots.

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