No Doubt, Pinky Out

Lisa Vigil and Ken Posko, owners of PInky Out Sk8 Shop in Waxhaw. Photo by Ellen West

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CHARLOTTE – Ken Posko and Lisa Vigil, owners of Provisions in Waxhaw, have branched out in a labor of love to the skating community cherished by both them and their children.  Pinky Out Sk8 Company, located at 318 E. South Main Street, Suite 3/C, in downtown Waxhaw, is an eclectic skate shop showcasing everything you need to “be a proper skater.”  The name “Pinky Out” hails from when Zoey, now 11 years old, was a new and nervous skater.  If she felt uncertain, Ken would hold her hand and run beside her as she rode her skateboard.  Over time, they went from holding hands, to linking pinkies, to Zoey being comfortable on her own.  To this day, if Zoey needs a little reassurance, she calls out to her dad, “Pinky out, Dad,” and they hold their pinkies out in solidarity.

pinky out
Siblings (Zoey Posko, Evan Ruelas, Elise Posko) that skate together, stay together, at Pinky Out Sk8 Shop.

Pinky Out Sk8 Company is a family business at heart.  The store itself, which opened in November of 2019,  was a surprise for the children: Evan Ruelas, 17; Zoey and Elise Posko, 11-year-old twins; and Gabriel Ruelas, 22.  Evan, Zoey, and Elise are avid skaters, spending as much time as possible at the Waxhaw Sk8 Park.  With fellow employee Daniel White, Evan helps manage the store, which is open seven days a week, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.  Ken hops back and forth between his job as chef and owner of Provisions to helping Evan manage the store.  The shop carries many big-name brands. “Our top three sellers seem to be Baker, Real, and Deathwish,” Evan commented.  In addition to selling decks, the shop also sells all the necessary parts such as trucks, grip tape, wheels, bearings, and other hardware.  Pinky Out Sk8 Company will also help you switch out your parts, re-grip your board, and lube your bearings.  

pinky Out
Garrett Morgan and Ashton Storms love the selection at Pinky Out Sk8 Shop.

The skate shop also sells accessories such as t-shirts, helmets, slide shoes, hats, safety gear, and backpacks.  Garrett Morgan, 15, and Ashton Storms, 16, frequent the shop because it “has a lot of high-quality items to choose from” and Evan is especially helpful and knowledgeable about the sport.  Evan also frequents the Waxhaw Sk8 Park and can be found spinning, kick-flipping his board, and doing as many “weird” tricks as possible.  Zoey and Elise are also avid skaters, with Zoey favoriting “airing out of the bowl” and doing “180’s out of the bowl” and Elise practicing “50/50s,” “airing over the ramp from the half-pipe,” and “rock to fakies.”  The siblings love talking to older skaters for tips and experience and teaching new skaters who are often switching from scooters to skateboards.  

Pinky Out Sk8 Company offers gift cards and online purchasing through their website,  For up-to-date information, follow them on social media on Instagram @pinkyoutskateshop and Facebook at “Pinky Out Skateboard Shop”.  You can reach the shop via phone at (980) 349-1183.

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