New Years Resolutions For 2021 That Will Stick

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CHARLOTTE – The year 2020 will surely not go down in history as a great one. We all have many things to add to the list for the year, or better yet, a list of canceled events, celebrations, and so on. The list of what the past year wasn’t is as important as what the coming year is. As the year has come to an end, the holiday season has also come to an end with some people indulging and celebrating more than normal this year and others doing the exact opposite. Many have not been able to celebrate due to the virus, financial issues, or a number of losses that each of us has suffered this year.

Yet, a new year brings hope: this year, the hope that the world can be “free” of the virus, and we can go back to the way things were before. Well, of course, as we all know, some things will never be the same. One thing, though, that will remain the same for lots of families out there is the tradition of making a New Years Resolution list. This list usually consists of exercising, dieting, change of lifestyle, and many goals that can seem very overwhelming at the beginning of each year.

The year of 2020 was hard for all of us. Most have experienced some type of hardship over the year and are looking forward to turning the calendar over in hopes of a new year with new luck, new beginnings, and new hopes. It’s time to sit and make that list. One thing that should be important about the goals for 2021 is making sure they are realistic. Setting realistic goals and being able to achieve each one with success creates a sense of self-pride that will allow you to mentally set bigger and better goals in the years going forward. All of us have had some sort of setback in the last ten months, and it’s time to start the New Year off with realistic resolutions that will keep everyone healthy and well in many years to come.

Starting off the year with giving thanks to yourself for what you do is a physically and mentally realistic resolution that focuses on both types of health. Everyone focuses on the perfection of the goal rather than the steps that it takes to get to it. Meeting a goal is like running a marathon: you don’t wake up one morning and run one; you complete steps along the way that allow the final goal to be the best. Celebrate the steps and not the race. Each activity is a step forward to completing the race; celebrate each milestone by giving thanks for what you did for yourself today and each day. Remember tomorrow has a better chance at being better if you prepare for greatness today.

Staying healthy is an overall goal that most people struggle with around this time of the year. It is even harder this year than any in the past due to many restrictions placed on gyms and activities. Be realistic this year with health goals. Think about what actually worked in the past years and the great habits that you walked away with from each experience. Then consider taking two or three of those successes and matching them together to create an overall great goal with steps that can be achieved along the way. Remember to celebrate each healthy goal achieved and always learn from past mistakes.

Staying healthy and well during a year like 2020 was hard enough, but 2021 has promising changes that could help the overall health crises. A health goal working into the year 2021 should focus on the realistic goal of making yourself more accountable for the goals that you are setting. Many people have great results and success with actually making a written promise, a full commitment to others and themselves. It encouraging you to make the goal and to be successful. From losing weight to spending more time with your significant other, written goals make more realistic actions happen.

The year is new, and the goals are fresh. Going into 2021, give yourself time to set the new goals and adapt. New habits take 21 days to make and then six months to then start to be a part of your life routine. Give yourself thanks for each step included completing the goal, be the most realistic with new health goals, and remember to make yourself accountable for each realistic and healthy new goal. Keep track, and reward yourself.

Happy 2021 From The Mint Hill Times and Tri-W News Family!

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