New Year, New Look For Two Mint Hill Businesses

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MINT HILL, NC – The new year brings a new look to two well-established Mint Hill businesses.

If you’ve driven through Mint Hill’s downtown lately, you’ll notice some changes to the Woof ‘n Hoof.  In place of the sign advertising “pet supplies and feed,” the new sign features the clean white silhouette of a dog and cat on a bright blue background.

Woof 'n Hoof's sign and horse have undergone a makeover
Woof ‘n Hoof’s sign and horse have undergone a makeover

For owner Patrick Holton, the new signage reflects changes that have naturally occurred in the store since it’s inception in 1997.  “As the town evolves, I’m trying to evolve the store with it,” says Holton.  “There aren’t many horses left in town,” he adds.  “More people have domesticated animals, so that’s where the store is transitioning.”

Horse owners can still get feed and supplies at the Woof ‘n Hoof, but due to decreased demand for these products, they’re no longer the store’s primary focus.  Holton hopes that a new logo with less of a “farm feel” will draw in customers who may not realize how much Woof ‘n Hoof has to offer for their own four-legged friends.

Woof ‘n Hoof’s signature horse has also undergone a makeover, now painted in bright blue to match the sign.  The change spurred spirited debate in more than one Facebook group with several people expressing displeasure that Holton had changed what they considered a Mint Hill landmark and others saying the fun new look brought a smile to their face.

“The horse deters a lot of people because they think it’s all horse food,” explains Holton.  “When we launched the new sign, we painted it to match and draw some attention, and it definitely has!”

While there are always new items coming in based on customer feedback, rest assured that you’ll still find the same Woof ‘n Hoof under the new blue sign.  There’s one more thing that will never change, and that’s the name!  “I love the name Woof ‘n Hoof!  I’m never going to get rid of it,” promises Holton.

A Mint Hill favorite for nearly two decades, Big Guy’s Pizza is another business that will debut a new look soon.  Currently closed while they relocate, Big Guy’s will open it’s new doors – just a few doors down from their old location – to a new logo and a more modern interior.

Big Guy’s old (left) and new (right) logos

In place of the cheerful and cartoonish pizza chef, Big Guy’s will debut a clean and modern new logo that’s nevertheless nostalgic.  “The new logo is a replica of our neon sign that we had from the very beginning hanging in our window at the old store,” says Brittani Muller.  “It has graduated up to the new location with us and will be the first thing everyone sees when looking in the window. We wanted to keep the look simple and clean with the idea that less is more.” 

In keeping with the new logo is a more modern, industrial look for Big Guy’s in place of the charming, country decor that decked the walls of the original dining room.  “We have brought some elements from the old store to the new one with a refreshing twist,” promises Muller.  “We are going for a new look, new vibe, new location – but the same great taste!”

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