New Children’s Theater Company to open in Stanly County

Marny Mortimore, Owner, Beyond the Stage.

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A new children’s theater venture will be opening this fall to offer a variety of activities to youth in the Stanly County area.  The company will provide dance, music, theater arts to school children and teens between the ages of 5-17.

Owner Marny Mortimore is forming this company in the western area of Stanly County.  Beyond The Stage is a children’s theater whose mission is to create extraordinary theater experiences for young people.  Part of the mission is to educate, challenge and inspire our youth in the arts, offering an opportunity to improve ones self-esteem, skills, talent while building character.  This experience will allow the participants to grow in leadership, communication and in public speaking.

“The goal is to provide a safe space where children at different age groups and development can express themselves, while they learn and grow as individuals and performers,” said Mortimore.

“I have been involved in theater since I was five years old,” said Mortimore.  “Growing up, I participated in both community and school theater projects.  She has taken classes in acting, singing, directing, and theater production.  “I have a real passion for theater, and want to share my experiences with others.”

Marny has experience with teaching musical theater at a dance studio.  She has a background in education teaching special education for eleven years and is extremely passionate about her new company.  “I became a stay-at-home mom after my first child was born, I miss working with children in the classroom, however, I did not want to go back to teaching.”

She has always had a love for the theater and looks forward to sharing her experiences with our local youth who may have an interest in theater.  To perform in a theater production one must have the ability to act, dance, sing, and enjoy performing on stage.  Students will have different levels of ability and it is Mortimore’s hope to bring out their very best from within themselves.  To teach students to learn to overcome perceived limitations, spread their wings to become the best they can be as they grow in confidence.  As in every endeavor worthwhile in life, the students must learn there is no substitute for hard work, dedication and commitment to achieve a successful outcome.

To prepare for her upcoming classes, she is sponsoring open houses this summer so those students who are interested can visit and obtain additional information about the program being offered.

Each class of about 30 students will be a showcase, where students will perform various roles and activities.  The showcase will take place at the end of the season in June 2019.  She is planning a performance troupe working on a musical to be performed at the end of the season as well.  Also, she is considering conducting smaller shows during the course of the year, however, this depends upon enrollment and how the students respond.  Moritmore, plans to have performances before different audiences including nursing homes, hospitals, rehab centers, etc., she added.  It helps the students to accumulate community service hours, learn to perform in front of an audience while gaining valuable performance experience.  This can build character while making a difference, having a positive impact on other peoples lives can be very satisfying.

For more information, please contact the company and visit their website at or call 980-272-8702.

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