“‘Moments That Change Us’ Just Might Change Your Life”

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CHARLOTTE – Heart-warming local author Patricia Haynie has always had a love for writing. Some of her fondest memories are of being a girl at her mother’s kitchen table, pen and paper in hand, writing to her heart’s content. Patricia Haynie’s debut book is titled “Moments That Change Us” and is an inspirational story about overcoming life’s obstacles. “You can turn obstacles into opportunities,” Ms. Haynie explained, stating that there are many moments in life, some of which can change us forever, and how we come out on the other side depends on how we look at the challenges we face.

“Moments That Change Us” is the charming story of Jerry from Charlotte, NC, and Nicole from New York City. Both are experiencing significant changes in their lives—Jerry’s business is plummeting, and Nicole’s marriage is falling apart—but how they come to terms with these changes brings about the inspirational message that “life is what you make of it.” The events in “Moments That Change Us” are loosely based on real-life experiences, where the emotion and character traits shine through in Ms. Haynie’s eloquent writing.

Patricia Haynie self-published her book, which she says was a “valuable learning experience.” In addition to writing the book, she had to research different self-publishing options, edit her text, and do all of her own marketing. Thankfully, Patricia owns her own business creating and advertising all-natural face and body scrubs that promote health and wellness, which helped her to understand the importance of creating an intriguing and unique product.

Ms. Haynie aims to follow in the footsteps of some of her favorite authors, such as Robyn Carr, Nicholas Sparks, Debbie Macomber, and Mary Kay Andrews. “Moments That Change Us” is a touching and uplifting book with romance and intrigue as well as subtle humor that has been hailed as a “page-turner” by many of her readers. It is the perfect book to gift to a friend or family member who could use a little pick-me-up when experiencing heartache or difficult life decisions. Ms. Haynie believes that hope and determination help get us through the hard times and may even spark true love, stating, “Plant me roses, save me a dance; there is still time for a little romance.” In addition, she believes in “never say never” and wants to help others realize that no matter how dire the circumstances are, there is always hope.

Patricia isn’t stopping with “Moments That Change Us.”  She is already planning her second book, which will concentrate on natural beauty and healing. For more information on “Moments That Change Us” or to order your copy, please get in touch with Ms. Haynie via email at faceandbodyscrubs@yahoo.com.

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