Mint Hill Fire Department ISO Rating Improves After State Inspection

Deputy Chief John Phillips, James Gregory, Jake Faires, Captain Mark Thomas, Michael Monaghan, Lieutenant Justin Pfund, and Ben Shue. (Photos by Paul Imirie)

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MINT HILL, NC – The Mint Hill Fire Department recently had a rigorous inspection conducted by the North Carolina Office of the State Fire Marshall. The inspection was conducted under the direction of the North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey, who is also the state’s Chief Fire Marshall.

Lt. Justin Pfund, Engineer Jake Faires.
Lt. Justin Pfund, Engineer Jake Faires.

The inspection, which occurs every 5 to 10 years, went extremely well for the local heroes at the Fire Station. The results showed a reduction in the department’s ISO rating from 5 to 2, which is a much higher score than the previous inspection.

So what is a Fire Insurance Rating (ISO)? A fire insurance rating is a grade that insurance companies use to determine insurance premiums in an established fire protection district. This rating is determined by an assessment of each individual fire district in a state. The inspection assessment evaluates some of the following areas:

Firetrucks inside the Firehouse.
Firetrucks inside the Firehouse.
  • Fire Department assets like trucks, fire equipment apparatus and their capabilities
  • Available Water supply sources for water protection including fire hydrants
  • Quality of emergency radio communications systems
  • Maintenance records, community outreach, and fire prevention and safety courses
  • Staffing, methods, training, and location of the firehouse

As the Town of Mint Hill has grown over the years, the Fire Department has been determined to keep up with growth in our area. Originally a volunteer organization, the department is now under the umbrella of the Town of Mint Hill and has 27 full-time professionals serving and protecting property in our community.

The actual inspection was conducted and completed on December 8, 2020. The results were recently announced, and the department made a drastic improvement to a Class 2 rating. The highest rating is Class 1 with a rating scale running from 10 to 1.

“To put this rating in perspective, there are 1,520 fire service districts in North Carolina,” said Deputy Chief John Phillips.  “Of those, only 38 are a Class 2 rating. This puts Mint Hill Fire Department in the top 2.5% of all fire departments in the state.”

Mint Hill Firehouse.
Mint Hill Firehouse.

What does this ISO rating improvement mean for the homeowners of Mint Hill? The writer would recommend property owners check with their insurance companies for possible savings on their homeowner’s protection policy. Usually, a lower PPC score for an area will translate to a reduced premium. Insurance companies offer lower rates if your area has a good ISO rating because a well-prepared fire department can respond to a fire more quickly.

Finally, what is also important as a resident living in Mint Hill is knowing we have a Fire Department that is well-trained and equipped with excellent assets, who has a fast response time and solid leadership – all things that make our community a more desirable place to live.

Congratulations to our Mint Hill Fire Department for a job well done!

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