Mint Hill Arts 14th Annual Student Show

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MINT HILL, NC – On Friday, March 3, Mint Hill Arts held the opening reception for its 14th Annual Student Art Show.

Crowds spilled into the parking lot for the 14th Annual Student Show at Mint Hill Arts
Crowds spilled into the parking lot for the 14th Annual Student Show at Mint Hill Arts

This year’s show was judged by Angela Lubinecky, who has a BA in World Art and Cultures from UCLA.  Lubinecky has traveled all over the world, won a multitude of awards for her own artwork, and currently sits on the board of the Charlotte Art Guild.

“This particular show was very impressive in that it had a lot of variety in different mediums as well as an enormous amount of talent across the board,” said Lubinecky in comments read aloud by DiBiaso.  “I was amazed at the skill level and mastery of the mediums.  The students showed a high level of understanding of the elements of design, and I can only compliment their skills as well as guidance by excellent art teachers.  It was a challenge awarding the top prizes in each category, and I wish I could have handed out some more awards.  A few times it was a very close call.”

Shishir Tummalacheruvu, "Indian Folk Art" - Best in Category, Painting
Shishir Tummalacheruvu, “Indian Folk Art” – Best in Category, Painting

This year’s show presented works in four different categories, a departure from previous years where works of all mediums were judged together.  “Drawing” included graphite pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, marker, and pen and ink.  “Painting” included acrylic paint, watercolor, soft pastels, oil pastels, oil paint and gouache.  “Print Media” included photography, digital or enhanced photography, and printmaking.  Finally, “Other Visual Arts” encompassed the wide range of mediums not encompassed by the other three: 3D sculpture, relief sculpture, mobile, stabile, fabric and mixed media.

86 student artists entered their work in the show, 20 middle schoolers and 66 high schoolers.  Two Honorable Mentions and one “Best in Category” prize were awarded in each category at both the middle and high school levels.

Abbie Hartis, "Kurt" - Best in Category, Drawing
Abbie Hartis, “Kurt” – Best in Category, Drawing

The top prize in the middle school drawing category went to Queen’s Grant Community School eighth grader Abbie Hartis for her graphite pencil drawing “Kurt.”  Honorable Mentions went to Dexter Pay and Trey Kocylowsky, both from Covenant Day School.

“Best of” in the middle school painting category went to JN Fries Middle School eight grader Shishir Tummalachervu for her acrylic painting “Indian Folk Art.”  Honorable Mentions went to Veronica Wendt (Socrates Academy) and Adelaide Cole (home schooled).

Tyndell Ahrens, "A Time in the Past" - Best in Category, Mixed Media
Tyndell Ahrens, “A Time in the Past” – Best in Category, Mixed Media

In the “Other Visual Arts” category, eighth grader Tyndall Ahrens from Queen’s Grant Community School took the top middle school prize for his mixed media piece, “A Time in the Past.”  Honorable Mentions went to Luke Astoria (Christ Classical Academy) and Roshni Akash (JN Fries Middle School).  There were no middle school print media entries.

Middle School Award Winners
Middle School Award Winners
Caroline Peskir, "Lily" - Best in Category, Drawing
Caroline Peskir, “Lily” – Best in Category, Drawing

In the high school drawing category, tenth grade home schooler Caroline Peskir took first place for her India ink piece “Lily.”  Morgan Howard (John Taylor Williams Montessori School) and Sahara Anumolu (Hickory Ridge High School) earned Honorable Mentions.

Madalyn Bradley, "Leaving Home" - Best in Category, Painting
Madalyn Bradley, “Leaving Home” – Best in Category, Painting

Covenant Day School Senior Madelyn Bradely won “Best of Category” in high school painting for her acrylic painting “Leaving Home.”  Honorable Mentions went to Adelaide Neubauer (Metrolina Christian Academy) and Ana Isabella Joye Moree (home schooled).

In print media, the top prize went to Covenant Day Senior Kat McNulty for her digital painting “Drifting.”  Ella Wilson (Metrolina Christian Academy) and Christina Grob (Covenant Day School) earned Honorable Mentions.

In the “Other Visual Arts” category, Butler High School Senior Luz Jijon Perulero took “Best Of” for her copper, brass and bead creation “Ball Chain Necklace.”  Honorable Mentions were awarded to Lila Kelly (Charlotte Christian) and Ava Miller (Metrolina Christian Academy). 

High School Award Winners
High School Award Winners

Mint Hill Arts’ Annual Student Show would not be possible without the generosity of many sponsors and volunteers.  In addition to ribbons, All Best of Category and Honorable Mention winners at the high school level also received cash prizes courtesy of Robinson Orthodontics and Lynn Wallace.  Additionally, the opening reception was generously sponsored by Mary Ellen and Bert Pike.  DiBiasio also extended her thanks to the multitude of volunteers it takes to handle everything from intake to hanging to communication as well as the art teachers who encouraged and guided all the student artists on display.

Mint Hill Arts is open Wednesday through Saturday from 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm.  The Student Show will be on display through March 24.

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