Metrolina Mulch: Stone Options To Meet Your Hardscaping Needs

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CHARLOTTE – Expanding its product line significantly since its inception 14 years ago, Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products offers a line of stone products designed to meet the needs of nearly any hardscape project. Phil Carter, co-owner of the company, said that the stone products are sourced primarily from the North Carolina and Tennessee mountains, and from locations in the Northeastern US. He said that the company began selling stone on day one, increasing greatly in variety in the years since.

Crab Orchard flagstone
Crab Orchard flagstone (Photo courtesy of: Phil Carter) lists more than 30 different types of stone products, ranging from white quartzite gravel to massive Crab Orchard flagstone, with many other products available. The company offers several different types of sand, washed stone, topsoil, and more.

Stone products for smaller applications are available for pickup with truck or trailer. Larger loads can be delivered via flatbed trucks, in the case of palletized stone, and by dump trucks for bulk stone and gravel. For the largest loads, the company utilizes tandem trucks, allowing for nearly any size job requirement to be met. Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products also carries the full line of Techo-Bloc patio accessories, including fire pits, fireplaces and pizza oven kits.

White quartzite gravel
White quartzite gravel (Photo courtesy of: Phil Carter)

Pam and Phil Carter began their landscape supply company 14 years ago, after Phil returned from Operation Iraqi Freedom. He served in Iraq as part of the Military Police Corps of the US Army. He served previously, from 1975-1981, in the US Marine Corps. Pam’s background includes 30 plus years in accounting, the banking industry, and landscape architecture. Phil said that Pam’s experience in accounting, office management and banking was vital in their ability to start Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products. 

For more information on products available to meet your hardscaping needs, visit, or call Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products at (704) 888-1822.  

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