Locust Pediatric Dentistry Ribbon Cutting and Open House

Front Entrance Locust Pediatric Dentistry. (Ed Berti)

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The Locust Pediatric Dentistry opened it offices about 4 months ago in Locust Town Center.  On May 2nd they held an open house with ribbon cutting for customers and staff.

David Thome, DDS and Laurie Haigler, Office Manager. (Ed Berti)

Pediatric Dentistry is specialized dentistry that is focused on oral health for young children, adolescents, children with high anxiety including specials needs kids.  The importance of being introduced to a dentist at a young age to help build a positive relationship while forming much needed trust and confidence when entering a dental office is very important both emotionally and mentally.

The staff and dentists at Locust Pediatric Dentistry believe in having open communication with the child, parent, or guardian keeping everyone involved up to date with the latest technology.  They also provide a kid friendly environment focused on early detection, prevention and all treatment required for dental care.

One of the many patient rooms. (Ed Berti)

“It’s important to establish a dental home for your children, we want to be the place with the right environment to keep your child’s teeth healthy, cavity free and strong in a comfortable atmosphere,” said David Thome, DDS.

According to the American Academy of Dentistry, there needs to be four things present for a cavity to develop.  The four key elements are, a tooth, bacteria, sugar or carbohydrates, and time.


Therefore, by visiting with the staff they will be able to determine your child’s needs in order to keep their teeth strong.  They can provide advice on how to avoid harmful bacteria to form on your child’s teeth, while providing healthy eating habit information, and make sure you understand how time can play a key factor on tooth decay.

Various studies have shown that children who have poor dental health or experience pain due to cavities are less likely to perform at their best in school, have less than desirable social skills, and are generally less successful in life.  Tooth pain can certainly impact their schoolwork causing students to be distracted in class.

There are many challenges when going to the dentist office for children, however, the staff at Locust Pediatric Dentistry is well trained to work with patients in order to make each individual feel more comfortable.

CFO James McGarvey and friends. (Ed Berti)

Overall, good and consistent dental care is an important aspect of your child’s physical health.  The professionals at this dental practice believe they play a vital role in your child’s health team and this is why selecting a pediatric dentist at a young age will assist in maintaining a healthy smile through their teenage years into adulthood.

Locust Pediatric Dentistry is located at 236 Market Street, Suite 200, Locust, NC 28097. They can be reached at 980-354-8154 or at

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