Lockdown Lifted? Getting Ready to Emerge

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CHARLOTTE, NC – The debate rages on across the country.  Is it time to open the economy, lift restrictions, and begin discovering a new normal?  Like many, I can see both sides of this issue.  Wait too long and we risk economic collapse.  Open too early and we risk wasting the sacrifices of millions.

Your position is probably closely related to your personal experience.  In our little corner of the country, the virus hasn’t been “that bad”, but if you have lost loved ones, the risks may clearly outweigh the benefits.  It may not be easy, but let’s remember to give our neighbors and friends some leeway on this issue.

This week’s “Funny Bones” is a hilarious look at The Holderness Family as they prepare to emerge from quarantine.  For more family fun, check out their YouTube channel and let me know your favorite.

Ps. 17:22 “A joyful heart is good medicine…”

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