Kindness Pumpkins, Stanfield Elementary School

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State Superintendent Mark Johnson deemed October as Kindness Month.  Embracing this initiative, Stanfield Elementary School has taken matters a step further by introducing “A Kindness Pumpkin Patch” at the school. The pumpkin patch provides students an expeditionary learning experience as students visit the pumpkin patch often for story time.

The teachers add an extra touch by selecting special books about kindness to help inspire the theme of “kindness” throughout the school while making sure to provide detailed explanation about how the pumpkins would be used as tools for encouraging kindness.  And, the entire initiative encourages fun with literacy for everyone visiting the pumpkin patch.  Each student also selected their own personal pumpkin from the patch to use during discussions about the many acts of kindness they see each day.

But wait, there’s more! The expeditionary kindness investigators will have their “Great Pumpkins” on display during the annual fall festival.

“Our little ‘pumpkins’ are certainly worth every bit of our time and energy as we guide them through this fantastic experience,” said Julie Huneycutt of Stanfield Elementary.  “The best is yet to come from our young Wildcats as they continue to exhibit extraordinary acts of kindness in our school and around our community.”

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