Jenuinely Organized helps people get organized with a “Jen”-tle touch

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By Alison Randall

Organizing and decluttering our homes and lives are often resolutions people make in preparation for the beginning of the new year. For many, it’s more than simply cleaning up, it’s a cathartic experience that requires tender loving care. Jenifer Shaw, owner and founder of Jenuinely Organized understands the emotional journey of getting rid of the clutter in our lives.

“I’m in the happiness business,” said Jenifer, describing her personal organizing business. “Organization is part of who I am. I used my natural talent and passion for organizing and turned it into a business 25 years ago. Many times I am welcomed at the door with my client in tears, and when I leave they have a happy smile.”

Jenifer was inspired to start her business while having coffee with a friend. After dropping their children at preschool, her friend was frustrated that she could not find anything in her large, gourmet kitchen. Instinctively, Jenifer asked her to open all her cabinets. “I immediately saw the problem and the solution. Organization or lack thereof,” Shaw reflected. “I gave my friend a dozen or so ideas, and dove into a kitchen makeover on the spot.” Three days and twenty- six cans of creamed corn later, Shaw’s friend had a visually organized and multifunctional kitchen fitting her personal lifestyle, and “Jen”uinely Organized was born.”

“Fast, fun and fabulous”, “artistic organizer”, “transformational” are just a few of the ways Jen’s clients describe her talents. “There was a feeling was that a weight was lifted,” said Karen Hester, a Mint Hill resident and client. Hester declared that the organizing skills Jenifer taught her changed her life. She was so satisfied she gifted her sister with Jen’s services.

“It meant so much that she considered each unique preference and need for each of us,” commented Caroline Shank of Waxhaw. “Our teenage daughter would routinely dump her belongings and create clutter in the home. Jenifer assessed the problem and created a solution by creating an organized and attractive place for our daughter to dump her belongings.”

Even more so, Jen’s patience and gentle touch make her more than an organizer of ‘stuff.’ Jen understands letting go of items is an emotional journey. “My mother was moving to a retirement community and needed to downsize thirty years of accumulated items,” said another pleased client. “Jen was so patient. She unpacked each box and helped my mother realize that the stuff wasn’t necessary. It truly helped my mother start the next chapter in her life. My mom considers Jen a good friend and still calls her to this day.”

Providing simple life organization by purging clutter, staging homes, establishing efficient household and office management procedures and coordinating moves, are just a few of the many services Jenuinely Organized offers.

When asked if there are any helpful hints she could offer today Jen happily served up the following, “Vertical space is highly underused when finding room for storing items. Reusing or repurposing items for a different organizing vessel is also a popular technique. It’s all about employing a new perspective. These tips are examples of how people can get started on their own.”

Personal organization is something that can really benefit your life but you may not know how to get started. Using a personal organizer like Jenifer Shaw may be the life saver you need.

In addition to Jenuinely Organized, Shaw, a works doing Public Relations and sales for her husband, co-owner of The Mint Hill Times and The Tri-W News weekly newspapers.

Jen can be contacted by calling 781-820-5325, emailing or organized.

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