“Indian Roots” Exhibit On Display At Mint Hill Town Hall

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MINT HILL, NC – Currently on exhibit at Mint Hill Town Hall is Mint Hill Arts’ quarterly exhibit “Indian Roots” featuring the work of two talented Indian-American artists, Rupam Varma and Santvana Anu Jain.

Rupam Varma
Rupam Varma

An instructor and member of Mint Hill Arts for over seven years, Varma trained as an artist while studying for her Masters in Zoology in India. She is a Certified Mithila Painting artist and a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT).  Her subjects focus mainly on nature – landscapes, flowers, birds and animals. She uses oil paints, acrylic paints, and natural pigments for bringing out various hues and colors.

Mithila Painting is one of the things you’ll see at Town Hall.  An ancient art form hailing from the Mithila region of Bihar (India), it depicts people with bulging eyes and sharp noses on an intricate and detailed background.  “It is drawn freehand style using fine lines and vibrant colors,” explains Varma.  “Symbols and motifs are often used in this art and have their own importance and significance. Sun and Moon present themselves as witnesses to long life. Peacock and fish are symbols of love and prosperity. Lotus flower denotes good luck and feminine energy, and the bamboo depicts masculine energy.”

Santvana Anu Jain
Santvana Anu Jain

A creative soul at heart, Jain had never really considered “being an artist.”  Her formal studies revolved around English and computer applications, and it was only in 2013 that she began to take her art seriously.  “I started hanging my work in galleries and started my art shows,” she says.  “Finally I meant to be an artist and serve humanity with my creativity.”  

Jain has been a member of Mint Hill Arts for two years, throughout which she’s both displayed her work and won awards.  “Mint Hill Arts not only gives [me] a platform but also encourages various arts and artists to showcase,” she explains.  “I find it a very distinct quality of Mint Hill Arts, which makes it more special.”  As an artist, Jain enjoys playing with different medius, and the work displayed in Town Hall reflects this with watercolors, pyrography (wood burning), textured art, landscape, figures, and more.

“Indian Roots” represents a different type of artwork than you may be used to seeing on display at Mint Hill Arts and in Town Hall.  “We try to provide a variety of different mediums, styles and techniques in order to make the exhibits more interesting,” says Judy Mizell, who manages Mint Hill Arts’ Town Hall exhibits.  “This is also an opportunity to give some of our talented members a great showcase to display their work.  This particular exhibit spotlights some of the diversity in our artist community and the beauty and symbolism of another culture.  It’s part of our ongoing efforts at Mint Hill Arts to bring art to the community.”

“Art has a universal language,” adds Varma.  “The beauty that manifests itself though the effort of the artist has an appeal that transcends culture and regions. Art broadens our perspective and helps us in appreciating the beauty that the artist wishes to expose through their work. Art helps build a platform that enables diverse art forms and artists from different backgrounds to come together, admire, be amazed and thrive in the collective impact that artists generate through their work.”

Town Hall upstairs gallery
You can view “Indian Roots” in the back of Town Hall both upstairs and downstairs.

For Jain, it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to share a different type of art with Mint Hill.  “ I want people to understand the depth of Indian folk art and its variety,” she says.  “The world needs more harmony within, and that’s why it’s very important that people understand and learn about different cultures without judging, and I think art is the best medium for that.” 

“We hope you will come in and view this exhibit and experience some of the beauty and culture of India as seen through the eyes of these two artists,” encourages Mizell.  The exhibit will be up until mid-July and can be viewed in the gallery at the back of Town Hall (both upstairs and downstairs) during regular business hours Monday through Friday.  Mint Hill Arts’ next quarterly exhibit, will feature the work of four of member photographers who have all won awards for their work.

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