Independence High School ROTC Conducts Flag Raising And Veteran’s Day Program at Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care

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The Independence High School Color Guards, Honor Guards and Saber Team, led by LTC Jeffrey Jenkins, Independence High School Senior Air Force Instructor and Commander of American Legion Post #555 of Mint Hill, was in full force on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, at Blessed Assurance Adult Day and Health Care Services.

The Independence High School Color Guards (Jake Gallagher, Katherine Kafitz, Savannah Silva and Rony Matute)were extremely impressive, precise and uniformed as they presented the United States Flag and raised it to the top of our 80 feet Flag Pole as dozens of Veterans and guests rendered salute.

The Independence High School Honor Guard/Saber Team (Rony Matute, Berina Rucic, Nancy Perez, Brittney Ramirez, Merlene Varillas, Odisis Melendez, Emily Guzman, Carolina Gonzalez, Michael Ramos, Sai Len, Luke VonKaenel,and Lily Todd) were extraordinary, prestigious and provided the pride, honor, dignity, camaraderie and tradition that has been a part of military history dating back to the Royal Navy.

As our Fourteen (14) Veterans (Deames Huffman, Korean War, Antonia Cathey, Vietnam, John Lee, Vietnam, Nubert Trayham, Vietnam, John Poulos, Vietnam, Allen Scipio, Vietnam, Gregory Fraylon, Vietnam, James Wright, Korean War, Robert Stanley, WWII, Demorio Huggins, Afghanistan War,John Chisolm, Vietnam, Harry Lenosky, Korean War, Nate Huggins, Persian Gulf War, Douglas Willie, Persian Gulf War) exit our facility, they were greeted by multiple highly raised shining Silver Sabers, on both sides of our doorway, that formed an Arch where only the proud, the vigilante, the honorable and the worthy was allowed to tread.  These men had made sacrifices and have represented their country well.  We are honored to have LTC Jenkins and IndependenceHigh School partnering with us, in recognizing our Veterans and Blessed Assurance Adult Day Care, as we strive to improve the quality of life of seniors and disabled adults in our community.

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