Grace Communications: Where Philanthropy Meets Marketing With Heart

Emily Zimmermann, Founder, CEO, and the heart of Grace Communications marketing firm.

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CHARLOTTE – Grace Communications is a philanthropic marketing firm founded by Emily Zimmermann, a friendly and compassionate woman with a big heart.  Emily is the C.E.O. and has 12 years of experience as a leader in marketing, public relations, event planning, and business development.  She formed Grace Communications to create a marketing firm where a core value was to give back to the community.  She wants to make a difference in the world through marketing, and her passion is in helping small businesses and non-profits.  In her former marketing career, Ms. Zimmermann was always searching for ways to give back to the community, including creating a successful anti-bullying campaign following a rash of school shootings.  However, when the time came to go out on her own, she wanted to create a marketing company with heart, integrity, and grace, which led to Grace Communications.

Grace Communications has seven core values that help it to stand out from other more typical marketing firms.  Their values are reflected in how they relate with their clients and promote their clients’ businesses.

Grace Communications Core Values:

  1. Go above and beyond. We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Just doing the minimum is not acceptable.
  2. We become part of the team. We integrate ourselves fully into each client’s team and truly become invested in their success.
  3. Always forward. We are relentless in our pursuit of helping our clients create new ideas, programs, and experiences to grow.
  4. Innovation is expected. We understand that in order to grow, we must be on top of the latest trends and changes in our client’s industry.
  5. The three p’s are always present: positivity, productivity, and professionalism.
  6. We make our clients look amazing. It’s our priority to make each client and their brand looks its best.
  7. Do things with grace. It’s not enough to be a great agency, we must also show integrity & grace with all interactions. (Grace Comunications, 2021)

Grace Communications provides clients with a combination of the following services according to each client’s unique needs.  The benefits include marketing consultation, business development, public relations, branding, email marketing, and even helping you manage your social media needs.  They also offer additional services such as drone images and video and public speaking engagements.

Grace Communications aims to be a good fit for clients who have heart, vision to grow, and the ability to think outside the box and help the greater good.  For more information, please visit them on the web at or follow them on social media on Facebook at “Graceful Marketing” or Instagram @gracefulmarketing.  You can also reach them via telephone at (314) 800-3398.

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