God, Family, And Farm Bureau

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MINT HILL, NC – Our town is full of amazing, diverse, and talented people. One of the talents we’d like to shine a light on is Mrs. Blakely Atkins, North Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Agent.

Blakely is an accomplished and thoughtful professional. She truly takes pride in her work and loves creating practical insurance programs that fit the unique needs of her clients. Blakely also strives to exceed client expectations and has been consistently recognized as a strong communicator who leverages her extensive insurance knowledge to earn trust and provide her clients with the peace of mind they deserve.

Headshot of Blakely Atkins
Photo by Mrs. Blakely Atkins

In a town that seems to be full of transplants from other towns and states, Blakely would call herself a “unicorn.” This is a charming way to describe a person that has been born and raised in the Greater Charlotte, NC, area. She loves this area and would not want to call anywhere else home. After speaking with her, it is clear to see that Blakely takes so much pride in calling this wonderful community “home” and that she wants to serve her community with the same pride.

Blakely has been an insurance agent for over 10 years, and she has planted strong roots with North Carolina Farm Bureau Agency.  She describes it as a company with a boutique, small-town feel that also offers all the benefits of a big brand organization. As Blakely so eloquently commented, the agency offers solutions that are flexible and realizes that “everyone’s situation is different, and that is what I believe makes NC Farm Bureau Insurance different — we care.” 

As a child, Blakely was raised to appreciate the importance of Southern hospitality. Kindness, warmth, politeness, charm, food, family, and togetherness were ever-present characteristics of her upbringing. Those very same values are the foundation of Blakely’s career today, and they have led to positively influencing the lives of her clients and greatly contributed to her success.

Photo of Mr. and Mrs. Atkins
Photo by Mrs. Blakely Atkins

“God, family, and Farm Bureau – in that order” could be not said better by another agent in the area. This is truly the way that Blakey lives her life. Being an agent at Farm Bureau is a huge part of her life, and she loves serving her community. She takes a consultative approach to ensure that every detail is ironed out so that each plan is clear and individually tailored. She also ensures that there are no gaps in insurance coverage. Blakely’s thorough execution showcases her dedication to each of her clients, her agency, and the community.

Blakely recently joined the Mint Hill Chamber of Commerce. Her membership speaks volumes about her commitment to community engagement and learning. She appreciates the inspiration she gains from the meetings, as well as the opportunity to network with like-minded business owners with similar interests and diverse backgrounds.

Each meeting offers speakers and education to the members that Blakely is eager to apply to her own business practices. It just goes with her the way she lives her life: “God, family, and Farm Bureau.” Being a trusted part of the MHCC is another relationship to build and be a part of. When it comes to people,  Blakely is that people person. We commended Mrs. Blakely Atkins for her passion and contributions, and we look forward to her continued growth and achievements!

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