Give Your Plants “Mulch Love” This Winter

Phil and Pam Carter, co-owners of Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products, know the important role that mulch plays when caring for your plants this winter.  According to Phil Carter, there are three main reasons to use mulch during the winter months:

    1.  Mulch provides an insulative barrier against the cold.  Placing a layer of mulch over the root system of your plants provides a blanket of protection, especially for young root systems.  The hard freezes that can pop up during our winter months can damage or even kill your plants, bushes, or trees. A layer of mulch will provide the warmth the root systems need to stay healthy and function well.
    2. Mulch locks in much-needed moisture.  Plants need moisture year-round.  Too often, people don’t think to water their plants in the winter months due to the cold temperatures.  A layer of mulch helps plants retain moisture during the winter months when the cold can be just as drying as the summer heat.
    3. Mulch eliminates soil erosion and protects against caking.  A layer of mulch will protect against soil erosion during the wet weather in the winter months by holding the soil in place and helping plants stay healthy until Spring.  Mulch also protects against the caking effect of soil. Caking is when a hard shell forms over the soil that impedes the absorption of water and creates run-off. The protective layer of mulch keeps the soil soft and pliable so that it better absorbs water even during the cold winter months.

For more information on the benefits of mulch, or to purchase mulch for your gardening and landscaping needs, please visit Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products at 3975 Highway 24/27 East, Midland, North Carolina.  You can also find them on the web at or reach them via telephone at 704-888-1822