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Photos by Novant Health

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CHARLOTTE – Practicing good public health and staying safe has been so important over the last year, but the truth is we have been putting so much emphasis on staying free from viruses that many have let general health fall to the wayside.  Studies are showing that blood pressure control and blood sugar maintenance health are worsening. Health care providers are asking patients to make sure that they are seeking, discussing, and managing proper blood pressure and blood sugar management.

Patient having blood pressure checked
Patient having blood pressure checked. Photos by Novant Health

Living through a global pandemic brought many lifestyle changes.  Many started working from home, homeschooling their children, and not going out to public places. This caused an issue with diets along with much less activity and exercise. Not only was the stress and anxiety of the pandemic hard enough; balancing everyday life became a challenge. Basic doctor visits for maintenance medications and general health concerns were not as much of a concern, causing a rise in health issues related to blood pressure and blood sugar.

During the pandemic, routine care took a step back to stay safe from the virus. We all concentrated on social distancing, washing our hands, wearing face covers, and many other protective measures while putting essential health services in the back of our minds. Studies that have been conducted are showing that people with high blood pressure and blood sugar conditions are worsening. The issue stems from many reasons: not seeing your primary care physician for regular visits, not refilling maintenance medications, and not maintaining good health practices with regular diet and exercise.

Head shot of Dr. Yvette Rudisel
Dr. Yvette Rudisel. Photos by Novant Health

This change in lifestyle has affected us in more ways than just learning to be safe from viruses.  The issue is we are no longer focusing on routine health care. We tend to stay away from the physicians’ offices and try not to call the office as much because of issues related to the pandemic. This has caused a sufficient rise in health care issues. Dr. Yvette Rudisel, a Primary Care Physician with Novant Health First Charlotte Physicians Matthews, says, “We have all had an extremely challenging year and a half in many respects, but it is critical that we renew our efforts to get back on track with our physical and emotional health.”

Dr. Yvette Rudisel has seen a rise in health issues with all different types of patients. Patients that were healthy before now are having health issues related to lifestyle changes, and patients that were being treated for health concerns have worsened. She can not stress enough to everyone that it is time to get back into the doctor’s office or touch base with your primary care physician. Make sure to get caught up on yearly check-ups and health screenings. Getting back to a more normal schedule with a good diet along with getting back to more general physical activities is important as well.  This will also help to get back on track with physical and emotional health for everyone.

Patient receiving care from health care provider
Patient receiving care from health care provider. Photos by Novant Health

The pandemic has caused major changes to our lives and will have a lasting effect on many of our lives. People faced so many different stressful and overwhelming challenges during the pandemic.  Many children and adults have suffered severe mental and physical health issues during and due to the pandemic. It is time to start to build back the support system that each of us needs in all aspects of our lives. It’s time to get back to the doctor and make sure your physical and mental health are a priority.

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