Get Your Yard Ready For Spring

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MINT HILL, NC – In the spring, there are several lawn care tasks that should be done to prepare your lawn for the growing season.  This includes basics like removing fallen branches, leaves and debris that have accumulated over the winter and getting back to a regular mowing routine as well as more in-depth tasks like aerating and seeding.

Adam's Lawn Care
Adam’s Lawn Care

“This is the best time of year to kill off weeds, aerate, and seed your lawn,” suggests Adam Coombes, Owner of Adam’s Lawn Care.  “After aeration and seeding wait 45 days, and then lay down pre-emergent to eliminate weeds before they sprout. Make sure all of your planting is done before the peak heat of the year, and it’s the absolute best time to plant perennials.”

If that all sounds a little overwhelming, Adam’s Lawn Care is here to help.  Offering a large variety of services from hardscaping to landscaping, Adam’s Lawn Care is a one-stop-shop for all your outdoor needs.

“We take pride in offering consistent quality work at an affordable price,” says Coombes.  “I takes time to hear out each client’s needs to ensure they get the service they expect and deserve. We value our clients time, space, and ideas and enjoy making spaces they can enjoy.”  Adam’s Lawn Care also sends a portion of proceeds every month to the Wounded Warrior Project, so when you book with them you are also giving back to the wounded veterans in our country.

Schedule aeration and seeding with Adam’s Lawn care before April 1, and receive 10% off your service!  Call (704) 221-2385 or email today to schedule your free consultation.  You can also keep up with Adam’s Lawn Care on Facebook.

One Yard Away's first community service event of 2023
One Yard Away’s first community service event of 2023

When you’re confronted with an unexpected injury, illness or loss, lawn maintenance is likely the last thing on your mind.  One Yard Away is a nonprofit lawn care company dedicated to helping those in need so they can focus on what’s most important.

“We provide temporary lawn and landscape maintenance for our neighbors and their families who have been affected by injury, illness, hospitalization, or loss of immediate family, as well as members of our armed forces that are deployed and disabled veterans in our community,” explains Owner Chen Correll.  “We are also starting to have community service volunteer events where a local company can volunteer with their employees where they as a team can come together and serve our neighbors directly.”

If you’re tackling your own lawn maintenance this spring, Correll suggests cutting your grass to 3.5’-4”  using sharp blades.  “This will help crowd out weeds and promote healthy growth of your grass,” he says.  “Now is also a great time to prune and shape your shrubs, before it gets too warm, to help reduce the shock of pruning.”

One Yard Away's first community service event of 2023
One Yard Away’s first community service event of 2023

One Yard Away depends on the support and generosity of our community to accomplish its mission.  “I truly believe that One Yard Away is providing a vital resource for our community,” says Correll.  “We need our community’s support to continue to be able to reach those in need of help.  You can support us by going to our website and making a donation or signing up to be a volunteer, and please spread the word. We also accept equipment such as mowers, string trimmers, blowers, shovels, rakes, and other garden tools.  Most of all, Be a Good Neighbor. You can make a huge difference in the life of your neighbors by simply lending a hand when they need it!”

If you’re in need of temporary help with lawn maintenance or want to assist One Yard Away in its mission, visit their website at, email or call (980) 308-1707.

If you’ve got a large-scale project or repair in mind for your yard this spring, Blythe Farms Grading and Construction Services is the perfect place to call.  With a wide selection of rough landscaping services including land grading and clearing, excavating and trenching, demolition and disposal, materials delivery and spreading, and trail building and clearing, it’s tough to describe everything Blye Farms does in a nutshell!

“We do a lot of sinkholes,” says Betty Blythe.  “Grading – we bring dirt and spread it.  We cut down small trees; we pick up brush and haul it to the dump.  We do pool demolition and fill in with dirt.”

As you’re evaluating your own yard this spring, Blythe suggests you start with some ideas, but always keep your budget in mind.  “The first thing I suggest when someone calls and says they want something done but they don’t know what is to look at magazines or look online,” says Blythe, “But you also need to have a clear idea of your budget.  How much money can you spend on this?  That will give you a realistic idea of what you can accomplish.”

There’s one thing you can count on when you choose Blythe for your grading and construction needs: they’ll take the job, no matter the size.  “A lot of companies, if it’s not $3k – $4k, they don’t want it,” says Blythe.  “There are people that say, ‘I can’t even get anyone to come quote me!’  We don’t care how small the job is, we’ll do it.”

Get started on your next project – big or small – with Blythe Farms Grading and Construction Services today!  Call Betty Blythe at (980) 240-7358.

Spring is the perfect time to prune your trees.
Spring is the perfect time to prune your trees.

Late winter and early spring are critical times for tree care as they emerge from dormancy and prepare for the growing season.  “Late winter is considered pruning season, and everyone should focus on pruning their trees to prepare them for the Spring,” suggest Luis and Marcos Bentancort, owners of Bentancort Tree Services.  “This will allow trees to grow correctly. Each type of tree has a specific way to prune it, and it’s essential to do this process correctly. Bentancort Tree Service specializes in pruning to assure our customers a healthy landscape.”

A full-service tree business that specializes in more than just pruning, Bentancort Tree Service also handles tree removal, trimming and stump grinding.  ISA-certified arborists in business for 20 years, Bentancort Tree Services offers reliable and knowledge-backed tree services performed by fully insured workers at competitive prices.

If you need trees pruned or removed, call or text Bentancort today at (704) 545-8519 or email  You can also follow Bentancort on Facebook and Instagram.  “Quick response is our priority!” assures Moreire.

As you’re pruning trees and bushes, make sure to give some extra attention to the ones surrounding your AC unit.  As temperatures warm up, bugs come out, and that can mean trouble for your AC unit.  “Look for and eliminate ant hills developing around your outdoor units,” urges Caleb Hudson from Charlotte Heating and Air.  “That can cause a pretty big failure.”  Hudson also suggests you remove branches or plants beginning to crowd your outdoor unit, which can prevent it from running efficiently.  If your outdoor unit is giving you trouble, call Charlotte Heating and Air today at (704) 330-3177 or schedule online at

Anna Granger
Anna Granger

If you’re thinking about selling, you’ll want to give your lawn some extra TLC this spring.  “When you’re ready to sell, it’s time to get your house ready to be sold,” says Anna Granger, Owner and Broker-In-Charge at 1st Choice Properties, and that includes your lawn and the exterior of your home.  “The hard work that is done before the house goes on the market, will pay off when the house is getting showings and offers.”

Pruning bushes away from windows, weeding all planting areas, putting down new mulch, removing dead plants, adding flowers and keeping the lawn freshly mowed are all fairly simple tasks that will increase your home’s curb appeal.  Furthermore, pay attention to the exterior of your home, replacing rotten wood, pressure washing, and washing windows.  Consider repainting the front door – or the entire home, if necessary – and restaining the deck, and stage any patio or deck areas the same way you would the interior of your home.  And when you’re ready to list, call 1st Choice Properties at (980) 272-6300.

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