Achieving Health and Wellness in the New Year

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Every year we set goals. Every year we wish the very best for ourselves and others. We decide that this is the year we will (fill in the blank), all with good intentions. Yet, we all seem to get bored with our new intentions and revert back to old habits. It’s easier and it’s human nature. This year can be different! This year, look at your community, friends and family and pull from them to achieve your goals.

Set goals. Write them down. Tell your friends. Tell everyone you can. This makes you accountable. Verbalize your goals. This puts them out into the universe. This puts them out for friends and family to provide support when you appear to resort to bad habits or cheer you on when you make great decisions. Accountability to others is a great way to make life changes.

Think of each goal as a promise to yourself. Breaking promises, in general, is usually not tolerated. In fact, when people break promises we usually see that as a sign of distrust. Imagine that each goal you make to yourself is a promise. Are you going to work out more this year? Make yourself a promise: I’ll work out three times each week. Then do it. Make a point not to lie to yourself. If you say you’ll get one massage a month, do it. Promise yourself. Treat yourself better than you’ve ever treated anyone. It’s okay. If we don’t treat ourselves beautifully and respectfully, then why would anyone else?

Make your happiness and well being a priority. The saying goes if you’re not happy or healthy, then you’re no good to those around you. If you’re a caretaker, then making sure you attend your yoga class(es) weekly will make you feel better, thus making you able to support your family and friends.

There’s nothing wrong with “me” time. The one thing money cannot buy is good health. Focus on what you can do to move more this year. Focus on making your body run efficiently like the machine that it is. Do you need to lose weight? Write it down. Decide that you’ll eliminate sugar (that’s a whole ‘nother column). Or diet drinks (yet another column).

In conclusion, make small promises to yourself and keep them. Become accountable. And if you one day, decide you’ll just blow it? Then forgive yourself and start the next day fresh. One day is not going to make you gain 15 lbs, so don’t throw it all away with one mistake. Start right back up and get back to your health and wellness goals. That in itself is a promise that you can always keep.

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Lisa Lane
Lisa Lane is owner and lead therapist at Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill. She specializes in pain management and is certified in neuromuscular techniques. Lisa lives in Mint Hill and is currently President of the local chapter of the Kiwanis Club. She is an active member of the community and enjoys travel, family time and trying to be the best photographer ever with her camera phone.