6 Ways to prepare for a new school year

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(StatePoint) Want to ensure the transition from summer to school goes smoothly for your family? Check out these six tips.

1. Make a smooth transition. Been sleeping in all summer? Now’s the time to get your body back into the routine of early mornings. Start slowly, setting the alarm earlier until you reach the time you’ll be waking up for the school year. Parents can assist younger kids with this transition.

2. Get the right education tools. From highlighters to USB drives to loose-leaf paper, be sure you have a comprehensive list of all the school supplies and education tools you’ll need for a successful year ahead. As far as tech tools like graphing calculators are concerned, opt for those that are jam packed with all the latest features. For example, the Casio fx-CG50 offers the ability to draw three dimensional graphs, such as planes, cylinders and spheres, and view them from various angles in order to better analyze their shape. It also features a cross-section option and a special zoom function for in-depth analysis.

3. Organize your agenda. Make sure everyone is ready for the busy year ahead. Plan your children’s participation in after school activities. Then, display relevant items on a calendar where the whole family can see it to ensure no one misses a club meeting, rehearsal or team practice.

4. De-stress. The hectic back-to-school season can create tension and stress. Encourage hobbies that help students unwind as the school year gets back into full swing. For beginners of music, check out new tools that can make the learning process fun and easy, such as Casio’s LK-265 keyboard, which features an LCD display that shows both music notation and correct hand positioning.

5. Get healthy. Crowded classrooms are a good place to pick up germs. Keep kids healthy with a daily multivitamin, plenty of fresh fruits and veggies and lots of sleep. Regular exercise is also an immunity booster, so encourage kids to get active.

6. Adapt to new school resources. Families aren’t the only ones getting ready for back to school. Districts are incorporating the latest tech into classroom learning. Such tools include Casio LampFree Projectors, an eco-friendly technology that gives educators the ability to control the projector from a smartphone or tablet, expanding their ability to create and deliver dynamic lesson plans.

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