Help minimize your pets fear for the vet Part 1

It is no secret that pets do not like going to the vet. Everything about the visit is stressful. Wouldn’t it be great if we could take that stress away and make the vet visit more positive? Well, things are changing and a brand new movement is making its way into the veterinary community. Some veterinary hospitals are changing the way they do things by educating themselves on Fear Free practices and implementing them in their hospitals. Whether your vet follows these practices or not, you can help minimize your pets fear, anxiety and stress with a few changes in your routine. Read this 2 part series for tips on what to do to help your pet.

Take your pet to their veterinary appointment hungry. Not only will this decrease nausea from the car ride, it will also make treats at the hospital more appealing.

Treats, treats and treats. What does a pet love more than their humans? Treats!!! Prepare to take your pets favorite treat to your vet visit. The treats can be broken into smaller pieces and used as a distractor during the visit. If your pet is on a special diet or cannot have treats, bring some of their food to use in place of treats. If your pet is not treat motivated but loves toys, bring their favorite toy.

Check back next week for Part 2.